10 DIY Home Care Tips You Should Be Aware Of

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Making your home interior prettier and more comfortable is an ever-going process. Let’s face it; you’re never done decorating and maintaining your home. There’s always something you need to remove, add, or you simply just want to refresh the place you live in from time to time. This article brings you 10 useful home care tips that you probably didn’t know before.
Clean water stains with lemon
             Bathroom and kitchen fixtures usually have those hard water stains. While most people buy various abrasives to make bathroom and kitchen spotless and sparky, you can solve this problem effectively and without spending a lot of money. To clean water stains just cut lemon in half and rub the affected area with it. Citric acid will cut through the stains. You can also use this technique to clean rust from bobby pins or razors that you leave in the shower.
Draw on the furniture
              You can refresh the interior of your living room by drawing on the furniture. Looks like kids were on to something when they started using pens and markers to draw on sofas and walls. Take a Sharpie and a non-slip metal ruler to draw patterns you would like to see. For example, you can buy stripped cushions and draw same pattern on armrests of your sofa. Here, you have the freedom to express your own creativity, mix and match different patterns to create a unique setting.
Paint one wall
              Every DIY plan to makeover your living space starts with painting. Although it might seem tiring and exhausting to you, there’s no rule which says you have to paint the entire room. To spice things up and make your room seem and look differently, you can paint one wall only, and make a contrast between existing color and new color e.g. paint one wall with lighter or darker hue than the rest of them. Also, you can paint only half of your walls in some room.
Wallpaper vinyl window shades
               You have a roll of wallpaper that was left after remodeling your home? Or you can simply go to the store and buy wallpaper according to dimensions of window shades and spice up your bedroom or guest room. You can also use this home décor tip in your kitchen as well. Wallpapering vinyl window shades make the interior more cheerful and comfortable.
Move seating away from the walls
               To most of, it seems natural to place seating furniture next to walls but moving them away can create a more intimate setting. Furthermore, this move can also make your living room seem more spacious. You can spice things up by adding a rug in the middle.
Make your tub sparkle and remove stains
               You can deal with annoying stains in the tub easily by combining equal amounts of cream of tartar, baking soda, and lemon juice to make a paste. Rub this mixture into tub stains with soft cloth or your fingers and rinse with water after 30 minutes. Your tub will be spotless and sparky.
Don’t throw away flattened cushions, plump them up
               Plumpy and fluffy cushions can become flat after some time. Instead of throwing them away and buying new ones you can pump them up easily. Put the cushions outside in the sun for a few hours making sure you flip them halfway through. Sun will make the moisture that got into cushion’s filling evaporate.
Hang artwork at the right height
               Did you ever notice how galleries and museums hang artwork at the center of the wall? It’s because artwork should relate to human scale not the structure’s scale. Since all people hang artwork higher on the wall, this move can also add a sense of originality and uniqueness. If you’re not sure about how or where to hang artwork to refresh your lifeless walls you can take a picture. It’s amazing how much you can find from a photo. For example, by looking at a photo on your phone you can determine whether that painting fits onto that wall or not.
Remove ink stains from leather with hairspray
              If you have leather furniture and children then you probably deal with ink stains and how to remove them. You can solve this problem easily with something you already have in your home – hairspray. Just spray a small amount directly onto a stain, wait for 5 minutes, and gently rub the said area with a dry cloth.
Cover a dining room wall with plates
              You don’t have to buy artwork, you can create it. For example, you can buy cheap plates of different sizes and cover dining room wall with them. Color of the plates depends on you just like the amount. This creates a unique setting and plates placed onto a wall will seem like artwork.
              There are many things you can do to decorate your home or to make it spotless and sparky. Tips from this article will help you refresh your home and express your own creativity along the way.

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