10 Steps to Getting the Most Out of Your Next AA Meeting

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10 Steps to Getting the Most out of Your Next AA MeetingGoing to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting offers a person the opportunity to benefit from the support of other people who are struggling with an addiction to alcohol. Whether it is your first meeting or you have been before, you will want to make the most of every session. Here are ten simple steps that you can take to ensure that you will arrive at your next meeting prepared and ready to benefit from the strength and support offered by your fellow AA members.

Consider Taking a Friend

AA members are always welcoming to new people and guests; however, you may feel more comfortable if you bring a friend along the first few meetings so you have someone you know to talk to at first.

Know the Location in Advance

If it is your first time visiting a meeting place, be sure to research the location. By locating the meeting place on a map, you will be able to save time while arriving without feeling rushed.

Do Something to Relax

On the day of your meeting, it can be helpful to do something relaxing. Many members enjoy a bath or massage before they go. This way, they will arrive feeling relaxed and open to hearing other people’s stories.

Stay Positive

At AA meetings, members share their experiences and offer guidance to others who share the same struggles. When going to your next meeting, remember to keep a positive attitude and arrive with an open mind. This will enable you to be more receptive to the advice and encouragement you may receive.

Dress Comfortably

There is usually not a dress code for meetings. In fact, members have been known to show up in everything from business suits to shorts and sandals. Therefore, you should wear something that will make you feel comfortable enough to focus on the meeting.

Have Dinner or a Snack First

Until you get to know the protocol of your AA meetings, be sure to eat before your meeting time. This way, you will not be distracted by your hunger if they are not serving finger foods.

Explore Different Types of Meetings

If you are a smoker, you will miss out on a lot of great information if you need to leave the meeting for a break outside. Instead, explore smoke-friendly meetings that may allow members to smoke inside.

Arrive Early or On Time

Mingling before a meeting is a great way to make new friends who understand your struggles. To make the most of your meeting, arrive a few minutes early so you have time to chat.

Take the Pressure Off

Many people worry they will be expected to stand up in front of the room and tell their story. While this is encouraged, no AA member will ever make you do something that makes you uncomfortable. Therefore, do not feel pressured about anything during your meeting.

Follow the Steps

AA meetings make it clear that no one has to face sobriety in one large lump. Instead, be prepared to take your journey one step at a time. This will help you to make long-term progress without feeling overwhelmed.

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