10 Tips Get Beauty with things in your kitchen

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Beauty rules people and beautiful people rules the world. All girls definitely be craving for beautiful and attractive look. Now-a-days, so does the guys. There are simple ways to feel young and look beautiful. The way is to find the kitchen. Girls find the way and guys I hope you do know the way.

1. Cut a cucumber in to pieces. Just press the pieces in the face for few min and wash off. The skin will be soft and glowing.
2. A banana a day increases the beauty of the face.

3. Mix equal amounts of turmeric and sandal powder. Apply them like a pack on face and neck. After the pack is dried to the core, wipe it off with wet cotton. The face will started glowing in 15 days.


4. Papaya makes the skin soft and shiny. Apply papaya on face, neck and hands and wash it off after 10-15min.
5. Suffering with dark circles around the eyes? Well, try this. Mix turmeric powder in coconut oil and apply it around the eyes before going to bath. The circles will be gone in no time.
6. Take carrot juice daily to get the glow. PS, better stick with water while making carrot juice as the milk will increase the weight.                
7. Having pimple problems? Plant a neem tree in the garden. Daily steaming with 2 or 3 neem leaves will remove the pimples and soften the skin.
8. Sun tanning in certain parts makes you look dark? Mix little lemon juice and milk with barley powder and apply on sun tanned areas. Regular usage will remove darkness and dullness of the skin.
9. Tomato juice is an effective oil controller by closing the pores.
10. Apply Pepper on scalp for an hour and wash off to fight against dandruff.

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