1O Simple and Easy Ways To Reduce Belly Fat

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Having a flat belly is everyone’s dream. But our fast paced life filled with stress, improper eating habits and lack of exercises has made us a victim of fat belly. Most of us are worried about how to lose belly fat. The worst part about belly fat is that it is the first to accumulate if you gain weight. There are many ways to lose belly fat like changing your diet, exercising, doing yoga and using abdominal belts. If you desire to reduce belly fat and look attractive, here are some tips to achieve the same. Here we give you 10 easy ways which will enable you to reduce belly fat.
1. Exercise regularly: Exercise is the key to lose belly fat. You need to definitely undertake any exercise and follow it diligently. Simple exercises like walking, cycling, swimming and jogging help you to keep belly fat at bay. Buy a pedometer and try to walk 10000 steps a day. Cardio vascular exercises done in conjunction with resistance training at high intensity will help in effectively reducing belly fat.
2. Restrict your calorie intake: A reduction in calorie intake will have a direct impact on losing belly fat. This is because the body will start withdrawing from the reserve fats if it does not get enough energy from the food intake. Thus, by cutting down on the calories, you can easily lose belly fat.
3. Do not skip breakfast: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. By skipping breakfast, you will tend to grab anything available which is high in calories and the excessive hunger will make you have large and heavy lunch with a resultant weight gain.
4. Cut down on junk and processed foods: Refined foods contain lots of sugars and fats which have a direct bearing on weight gain. Overall weight gain will also lead to an increase in belly fat. It is hence recommended to have a diet comprising natural and wholegrain foods which will help to lose belly fat.
5. Eat fiber rich foods: Fiber foods give a feeling of fullness and prevent you from being hungry sooner. When you eat foods that are rich in fiber like whole grains and leafy vegetables, you attain satiety earlier and thus there will be lower intake, which will ultimately lead to reduction in belly fat.
6. Bid goodbye to alcohol: Beer is a proven cause for belly fat. People who guzzle beer gain beer belly and continued consumption of alcohol will thwart your attempts at trying to lose belly fat. If you want to get rid of beer belly once for all, steer away from alcohol.
7. Lead a stress free life: Higher stress levels lead to secretion of higher levels of cortisol, which will trigger your appetite and make you eat more. Reduce stress with adequate sleep and meditation techniques.
8. Eat good fats: Good fats are MUFAs which are richly found in avocados, flaxseeds, olive oil and chocolate to name a few. MUFAs will help in preventing the belly fat accumulation.
9. Do specific ab exercises: Specific ab exercises that target your upper and lower abdominal muscles like crunches and squats will greatly help in reducing belly fat.
10. Give the elevator a miss: Try taking the steps everyday and let go of being glued to your desk. Walk around at intervals. An active lifestyle is a sworn enemy of belly fat.

Reducing belly fat is no herculean task. With a bit of discipline, dedication and motivation you can surely get rid of the belly fat by following the above mentioned simple and easy to follow methods


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