4 Myths About Tungsten Wedding Bands

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TTungsten Wedding Bandsungsten has fast become one of the hottest contemporary materials commonly used in rings and wedding bands. Technically made from tungsten carbide, a combination of the metal tungsten and a like number of carbon atoms, tungsten wedding bands have some of the best attributes of both metallic and ceramic-based materials. Shoppers love these rings because of their affordability, durability and inherently handsome look.

Despite the popularity of this material, there are still a lot of misconceptions about tungsten carbide. Here are four common myths about tungsten wedding bands and rings, debunked.

They break easily. One of the most persistent myths about tungsten wedding bands is that they break very easily. Some consumers seem to think that the slightest knock will send these rings shattering into bits. There are some factual roots in this misconception, though it is still largely incorrect.

Despite being very hard (tungsten carbide is a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness), tungsten carbide is also an inherently brittle material. This means that tungsten wedding bands can crack, but only if smacked relatively violently against a hard surface. For that reason, men who work frequently with their hands may not be ideal candidates for tungsten wedding bands. At the same time, tungsten wedding bands are generally so affordable that they can be inexpensively replaced even if they do crack.

They can’t be removed from your finger in case of an emergency. Another popular myth about tungsten wedding bands is that they can’t be removed in case of emergency, with the implication being that the ring finger may need to be amputated in severe cases. It’s interesting that this misconception and the idea that tungsten wedding bands are easily breakable can both be considered to be true!

Obviously, if it’s possible to crack tungsten wedding bands, it’s possible to remove them. Tungsten wedding bands can be removed by using something strong enough to crack the material, like vice grip locking pliers. Virtually any emergency room or doctor’s office will have such a tool on hand for removing these sorts of rings.

They’re only available in one color. Tungsten’s natural gunmetal grey color is certainly visually arresting, but it’s not the only available option. In addition to gunmetal grey, tungsten wedding bands can commonly be found in black tungsten and white tungsten. Black tungsten offers an edgier modern look, albeit one that holds a certain neutral versatility. White tungsten is a great option for those seeking a ring with contemporary durability but a more traditional appearance, as it has the same silvery white tone as platinum or white gold. These are the three most prevalent colors for tungsten wedding bands, although more options, like yellow gold-plated tungsten, also exist.

They’re similar to titanium. Titanium and tungsten wedding bands are often lumped together as they are both contemporary materials and share the same natural gunmetal grey hue. However, they are in fact quite different. Tungsten wedding bands have a noticeably weighty feel, and their hardness makes them extremely scratch-resistant. By contrast, titanium is very lightweight and crack-resistant, but not as scratch-resistant as tungsten. Titanium rings are often found in three common jewelry grades (commercial pure, aircraft and extra-hard), while tungsten wedding bands are generally only found in one grade (though quality can certainly vary based on manufacturer).

The fact is that tungsten does not offer any significant disadvantages not found in other popular wedding band materials. Despite any small downsides, tungsten wedding bands remain an excellent choice for shoppers seeking a budget-friendly yet high quality ring.

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