5 Must See Beaches In Europe

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5 Must See Beaches In EuropeThe beach sands, cocktail drinks and smells are only so far from home. Most travelers have been to a beach multiple times in their lifetime, but they have not traveled across the world to visit one; however, there are beaches within Europe's boundaries that are unheard of anywhere in the world. Luxurious resorts and cocktail drinks await tourists in Europe. Here are some beaches that should definitely be on a traveler's list of beaches to visit.

First off on the list, Las Salinas, Ibiza, Spain is one of the most famous beaches from around the world. Las Salinas is a hot spot, which has various parties and nightclubs, and it is one of the places inhabitants of Europe visit time and time again. If the beach parties aren't to tourists' fancy, there is always the nightclubs.

Capo Sant’Andrea, Elba, Italy is home to, most importantly, private beaches. Capo Sant'Andrea is a series of islands in Italy. The water is clear and crisp at even the deepest sections of the ocean. Renting a beach house on the side of the ocean, almost secluded, from the rest of the world. Feel free to enjoy the scenery; it might be a once in a lifetime vacation.

The Curonian Spit, Lithuania is a remote beach. This beach has miles of untouched land; land practically waiting for a tourist to cruise along, find a private location and throw an exclusive party. Some people prefer exclusion. Others prefer the hustle and bustle of more modern beaches. For a tourist looking to get out of a busy life, this beach is almost as far as they can get.

Zante, Greece holds a hidden treasure for tourists to behold. It isn't just any treasure either. An eye pleasing beach that has a cliff overlooking the entire beach, trees at the peak of the cliff and looking down upon the sapphire ocean; nothing describes it better. This beach has been termed Shipwreck Beach. Don't worry, there isn't any pirates.

Algarve, Portugal is home of multiple beautiful beaches. Although, there is one beach that strikes the mind most often. Praia Da Marinha is a beach that seems to make it into every travel list in the world, at least, in regards to beaches. Another beautiful way for a tourist to enjoy the sun.

Now that is a list of travel destinations that any tourist wouldn't mind seeing. If the beaches weren't enough, any traveler who is traveling from London, United Kingdom could enjoy the Prince of Wales Theatre; it provides a relaxing way to cool off on the tourist's way back to their home destination. As people love to say, "Enjoy the finer things in life."


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