5 U.S. Cities With The Highest Rates of Home Burglary

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5 U.S. Cities WIth The Highest RatesBurglary is more than a crime for most people. It’s an invasion of their personal lives and privacy. Many of these items, such as a gold wristwatch that your mother wore, are irreplaceable heirlooms that were part of a family treasure. Here are the top five cities with the most burglaries.

Houston is No. 1 for Burglaries

The great city of Houston is under attack by burglars and thieves and earned the dubious distinction as the No. 1 city afflicted by break-in artists, according to FBI statistics. It’s well suited to be the top burglary target because Houston has the best economy in the nation, according to the Brooking Institute.

That means most people are relatively well-off, and they’re busy working throughout the day or night. Because they’re away from their homes, that makes them ideal victims for burglars. The FBI data shows that Houston residents suffered 27,459 burglaries and are in need of the services of a good old-fashioned Houston TX home security system.

Al Capone Started It

Chicago has been associated with crime since Al Capone took over the city and supplied speakeasies with illegal booze during the American prohibition era. The FBI says that Chicago had 118,239 property crimes with 26,420 classified as burglaries, taking the No. 2 spot for this crime.

More Than Cowboys

Dallas may be famous for cowboys, thick steaks and oil, but it’s also a favorite city for crime, taking the No. 3 spot in the burglary classification. Burglars helped themselves to the treasuries of these cowboys in 18,727 different break-ins.

Ashes and Burglars

Phoenix, the city that rose from the ashes, managed to cut down on the number of stolen vehicles, but burglars found enough open windows and doors to commit 18,666 burglaries.

Where Burglars Never Sleep

Our debonaire and sophisticated cousins in New York City enjoy the best Broadway plays and five-star restaurants, but while they’re away, thieves enjoy stealing New Yorker’s Gucci bags and solid gold Rolex watches. The city that never sleeps applies to burglars, too, as they engaged in 18,159 burglaries.

Advice From Burglars to Homeowners

The Chicago Police Department held a public city seminar last week that featured real burglars. Here are some facts from burglars about burglars:

  • Burglars can be in and out of a house in less than 10 minutes.
  • It takes police 10 to 12 minutes to respond to a burglar alarm.
  • Burglars carry food to feed your dog.
  • If you walk into your house with a safe, a burglar can walk out of your house with that safe. 

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