7 Beauty Tips Guys Need to Know For Grabbing Her Attention

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I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking to yourself how “beauty tips” and “guys” don’t ever belong in the same sentence. However, despite popular belief, men can benefit from beauty tips just as much as women can. This is especially true in attracting the opposite sex where a hot dude is no match for a hot dude who cleans up good.
So where do you start? One thing that prevents men from creating beauty regimens for themselves is the fact that they don’t know where to start. This article will help you by laying down the basics to self-care for guys as well as giving you tips and tricks to take your “beauty routine” up a notch. With these beauty/grooming tips, you can be sure you can catch the eye of any lady you’ve been making google eyes at.

Start With Basic Grooming
We hate to stereotype guys here but so many guys, especially those who are still going through puberty, have no concept of any sort of basic grooming. Wearing deodorant, both for stinky pits and feet, is a must. So is wiping off your outer ear after each bath. Men are traditionally not as detail oriented as women, but just simple things like clipping your toenails can go a long way.
Another thing that most people, men or women, don’t think about enough is dental hygiene. You cannot reasonably expect to attract the opposite sex without as much as a smile right? Then make sure to keep those pearly whites, well—pearly and white! Another thing that we’ve noticed about guys is their penchant for wearing dirty laundry. Unless you’re only going to see your male friends and are a hundred percent sure you WON’T be seeing any female friends along the way, please take the time to wear newly laundered clothes.

Cleanse Your Face Regularly
Most men seem to think that the bar soap they use on their bodies is good enough for their face. Let’s get it out there once and for all: A separate cleanser for face is required aside from soap for the body. This is because the skin on your face is much more sensitive than the skin of the body. It also tends to have larger pores and tends to be oilier, especially in men. For this reason, the skin on the face will require a cleanser that is gentle enough for sensitive skin but effective enough to clear out pores of any gunk that has gathered in there throughout the day.

More alien to men than the facial cleanser is the moisturizer. Practically no guy, unless said guy depends on his looks to earn a living, moisturizes their skin on a daily basis. Moisturizer is important for keeping skin taut and for keeping flaky skin at bay. It’s also important for keeping your skin soft enough, so your lady friend doesn’t feel like she’s rubbing on sand paper whenever she reaches out to touch your arm. Moisturizing is also a great way to lighten dark spots on skin. Smoking, partying all night and drinking alcohol can do a number on your skin’s hydration which may cause dryness of skin, darkening of the skin (especially under the eyes) and impaired skin renewal which may also lead to more dark spots. Do your skin a favor by constantly hydrating especially if you know you’re going to be sweating or drinking a lot of alcohol. Applying moisturizer or body lotion can also help.
If you cannot be bothered to apply facial moisturizer, much less body lotion, explore the possibility of swapping your bar soap for a moisturizing wash. That way you are still taking care of your skin without having to lather on all that lotion onto your body. You’re going to smell nice too and trust us; nothing is more irresistible to a woman than a man who smells nice.

Trim Excess Hair
We’re not asking you to wax yourself hairless like women do but trimming excess hair, if you don’t want to shave it altogether, can make you look more groomed and presentable. Hair coming out of your nostrils and your ears are a big NO-NO. Trim them with clippers. Hair on the body can be sexy but trimming them where they are thickest can make you look more groomed. It might not apply to all women, but it might be a good idea to wax the hair on your back if you have any.
For guys who like to sport facial hair, well and good. Just remember that there is a huge difference between well-groomed facial hair and a beard that looks like it might be housing a bird’s nest.

Wear Sunscreen
Advice that we would give to any man, woman, or child: Please wear sunscreen. Hugh Jackman, the guy who plays all around bad-ass Logan aka Wolverine, has had 4 skin cancers in 18 months. He also urges everybody to wear sunscreen every day as it is the only clinically proven preventive measure for melanoma (as well as wrinkles!). Hey, if Wolverine thinks he needs sunscreen there’s no reason you can’t put some on.

Get a Facial
This is for guys who really want to step their game up. No shame in taking care of your skin though. Facials can help remove deep-seated dirt from your pores as well as help exfoliate your skin. Skin exfoliation is especially important for guys who shave because it prevents ingrown hair. You can scoff at it now but days after your facial, your skin will glow so much that you will regret not getting into it earlier.

BONUS: the next time your lady asks you to accompany her to the spa, you won’t be half as bored anymore.

Have Your Hair and Nails Done Professionally
We know this might sound like taking it a step too far but hear us out. There’s a reason why women ONLY go to professionals for their hair. A professional barber and hairdresser can cut your hair in a way that best suits your face shape. They can also make sure that your haircut looks good right after you’ve gotten it until after the hair has grown out.
How about nails though? Doing your nails yourself is perfectly fine, but professionals can really dig in there and remove dead skin cells and stuff. Consider this when you’re about to go on a tropical vacation with your girl and you know you’re going to be in flip flops the whole time. You can thank us later.



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