7 life-changing tips for packing light

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The general rule of thumb is: don’t pack items you wouldn’t normally use especially at home. The key to traveling light is only packing the things you surely need. If you’re packing items that are just for “what ifs”, leave them at home.Here are the most useful and smart tips that will help you to manage traveling light.

Use a small, lightweight carry on bag.
The oldest, simplest and best trick to packing lightweight ia opting for a smaller bag than you would normally use. With the very limited space you have, you’re forced to only bring the necessities and not fill precious spaces with unnecessary waste.The logic is: whatever size of bag or carry on you have, you’ll always fill the container full to the point you’re possibly putting in non-essential stuff. With a smaller bag, you’re less likely to overpack. A wondrous tip: Pack in a smaller bag than your actual carry on bag. Now, remove the stuff you packed in the small bag then transfer it into your original bag size. Now you have all things you need with a little extra space for things you’ll buy along your adventure.

Make a packing list.
Write down a list of all your must-pack items. That way you don’t “accidentally” pack things you won’t be needing in your travel but it’s also a great reminder to not forget socks or worst, underwear. More often than not, your mental checklist have the tendency to forget previously enlisted items overtime. And if you don’t have a really sharp memory, witing them down yourself on a piece of paper will help you remember crystal clear all the things you need.Check your list twice just to be sure you don’t overpack and forget to pack your necessary belongings.

Lay all your stuff on the ground, purge some more.
As soon as you accomplish your packing list, lay everything down on your bed or on the floor to get a grasp of all the things you’re about to pack in your bag. Now that you see everything in a good view, ask yourself if you need all these things. If you’re reasoning starts with “what if” and you plan on taking it for a one-time use only, leave it behind. Your reasoning is not worth the space. Packing these “wants” will lead you to packing heavy and quite frankly, that’s what we’re primarily avoiding.

Skip or minimize toiletries.
Shampoos, lotion, sunblock, tissue roll, sanitizer, conditioner, toothpaste, body wash, face wash, deodorant and the likes are all necessities. But do you really need to pack them all? If you have a strict preference when it comes to shampoos, sunblock or deodorant, sure pack your own. However, do also keep in mind that some of these are already provided in your hotel accommodation. If not, you have easy access and can easily buy it in convenience/dollar stores.

Be smart with your clothing choices.
Pack simple, minimal clothes and not more than two pairs of footwear. Shoes are bulky and heavy so it’s best to only pack one comfortable shoes/sandals and one slippers.Let’s face it, you really don’t need different sets of outfit for each day. What you need are simple and flexible clothing pieces. When it comes to clothing, only pack a reasonable number of this and ensure that they’re versatile and low maintenance.Also, pack a sarong. It’s very versatile that can be maximized in various uses such as a beach cover up, towel, blanket, pillow and the likes.

Wash your clothes.
Regardless if you’re packing for a 3-day trip or 3 weeks, you’ll be able to pack lighter by washing your clothes.It won’t cost you that much to have your clothes washed in launderettes. If you’re frugal than most, wash them yourselves while in the shower, talk about multitasking, right?

Ask yourself: Can I get this there?
Whatever you’re lacking, you can buy it there! No matter where you go, 9/10 chances are you can buy anything you need in your destination. So remember that no matter wherever part in the world you are, you have easy access to stores to buy whatever it is you need unless of course if you’re in a remote area. Better purchase the items before you go there, ahead of time.Packing light is a continuous process. Even frequent travelers doesn’t have a specific formula but what they can rather offer are helpful and meaningful guides to help you make the most of your travel.
What’s your go-to and useful packing light hack or tip? Share it with us!

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