Add Up to Your Home’s Value with These Simple DIY Ideas

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image 1Increasing your home’s value is one of the most vital things to consider when selling a house. Naturally, value increase does mean a bit of investing of both time and money – investing that will definitely pay off later. Luckily, these tweaks, upgrades and tune-ups do not have to be complicated or too expensive – there are ways to increase your home value on your own, by tuning your mind to a DIY mentality. We’ve gathered some of the most interesting DIY ideas for your convenience, hoping that these will help you increase the value of your current home before selling.

Refinishing Wooden Floors
When it comes to hardwood floors, there is a lot tedium and struggle that shadow these beautiful installations. Although they will make your home’s interior look classy, warm and inviting, the maintenance and cleaning needs behind these floors is not something to disregard. However, refinishing old wooden floors is a simple project that you can do on your own. This project pays of enormously, seeing as how it will significantly add up to your home’s overall value – potential customers tend to be impressed immensely by beautiful-looking floors.

Repaint the Walls
Yet another part of a home’s interior that tends to leave a significant impression on potential buyers, walls are extremely important, when it comes to adding up to your home’s value. Unfortunately, repainting the entire place is a task not only extremely tedious, but also quite demanding in monetary terms as well. No matter what you do, your walls are going to end up dirty over time and trying to hide all the imperfections usually turns out an effort in vein. Instead of painting your entire interior and trying to hide these imperfections, you should always look to plan which walls should be tackled first. After you’ve decided which walls to coat with a new layer of paint, prepare yourself for this DIY task properly and go about it like a true professional! Colors, naturally, play a vital role, and hence are a matter which needs a lot of focus and planning. Once you’ve repainted your designated walls, you will definitely greatly increase your home’s value.

The interior, however, is far from the only matter you’ll need to pay attention to – in fact, most potential buyers will look mostly at the exterior of your home. As any property agent will tell you, you should focus on your house’s curb appeal – always keep your driveway clean and the hedges trimmed. Installing new doors and windows also might not be a bad idea and is quite an easy task that you can do on your own, with a little help from friends and family. Although this may sound boring and time-consuming, these are, in fact, quite simple and interesting tasks.

Other Ideas
Naturally, there are many other, smaller ideas that can greatly add up to your home’s overall value. Here’s some to get you started:

  • Wallpaper your doors – This is a fun and interesting way to leave impression on potential buyers. Simply use paste and paper leftovers and apply it to any door you choose.
  • Make a closet home office – This idea always comes in as neat and interesting – unhinge the closet door and put some shelves in it, one deep one as a desk and two shallow ones for storing items above.
  • Cubby bookcase – Turn the vertical dividers into neat bookcases, for a good impression for potential buyers.

Paying tribute to your house’s value doesn’t have to be a tedious and an expensive task. In fact, you can do it all on your very own, with a little help from friends and family. Now all you have to do is showcase your house and impress the future owners.

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