All natural hair regrowth a preference to chemicals

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All natural hair regrowthWhen the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is overproduced, it causes hair loss. This hormone has to be blocked in order to fully end male pattern baldness. Choosing a hair regrowth supplement can be tricky and you want to be sure that the efforts you are putting forth will be fruitful. Here are some suggestions to help with male pattern baldness:

  • Medication: Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (prescription propecia)
  • Hair Regrowth Vitamin – taken orally; is a mixture of vitamins, herbs, minerals and extract;
  • Herbal Hair Regrowth – these are supplements including massaging oils, ointment and shampoo; but there are also herbs including Chinese herbs, mulberries, nettle root, oyster shell, rosemary, saw palmetto and others

Before taking any hair regrowth supplement, you should find out all the information that you can before investing in it. There is tons of information on the internet, including ingredients, reviews and testimonials. There may also be side effects that you will want to know about before taking.

Looking for the right natural hair regrowth supplement and applying it or taking it correctly could put an end to your male pattern baldness. But basically, what it amounts too is using the right supplements can in the end, increase hair growth.

It’s practically devastating to lose your hair. Whether you hair is coming out in large clumps or small patches, it can greatly affect your relationships, self esteem and social life. But even though these supplements that can help you re-grow your hair do actually work for some, you should always talk to your physician first before taking them.

Some other treatment options may include surgery, which can be expensive. Here is a look at just a few:

  • Biotin – Experts say that consuming 300 mcg per day of biotin and trace minerals could promote hair growth; Along with zinc aspartate, Biotin treats children for hair loss; it is found in multivitamins and found in romaine lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, chard;
  • Saw Palmetto and Beta-Sitosterol – a combination of the 200 mg saw palmetto and 50 mg of beta sitosterol two times daily can help with hair growth in men; Consult with your physician before taking saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol;
  • Oral Zinc Gluconate – oral zinc gluconate increases zinc serum which results in positive hair growth; it has been concluded that oral zinc gluconate effectively increases levels of zinc serum in patients who suffer from low zinc serum levels to grow hair.

These hair loss vitamins are the most natural approach to treatment for losing your hair. Certain vitamins for hair loss and herbs have better effects than conventional medications such as minoxidil and finasteride. Palmetto, which is considered a baldness prevention medicine, is full of beneficial plant sterols, including beta-sitosterol. These steroid compounds ultimately serve as blocking receptors on the cell surface. Just like palmetto, there is also giant dodder, which shows ayurvedic medicine which reverses the loss of hair. Thuja accidentalis, a member of the cypress tree family, also helps to prevent the losing of hair.
When it comes to all natural or chemical treatments or vitamins for hair loss, the choices are two: You can choose Rogaine, or other chemical hair loss treatments or you can choose all natural hair regrowth supplements. If both are assumed to be equally as effective, you should always choose the natural hair regrowth supplement. But today, many people do not make good decisions about their hair. They think that just because a chemical treatment like Propecia is shown to work, they tend to ignore the possible side effects that come with it.
Nobody likes to lose their hair. So try these all-natural hair loss vitamins today!

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