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Nowadays from the day starts to get set for bed, we’re mostly stuck to jean. Here are few basic information on the attire in which are always.

 Washed denim:

This is the most popular selection and accounts for the vast majority of jeans in production. When denim is created, it is colored with dark shades of dye. After giving the shape to the jean, manufacturer will wash them in order to rinse away the excess dye left over from the denim's creation.

Raw denim:

This is similar to the above one in manufacturing and coloring the difference is Raw denim jeans are left unwashed after production. This gives jeans a dark look that will fade naturally, creating a look of genuine distress created by the wearer's own body.

Acid wash:

This type of denim is washed with pumice stones and chlorine until it is bleached almost white. The process was invented in Italy by the Rifle jeans company. Acid wash jeans, worn with fringe jackets or the Perfecto motorcycle jacket were popularized by hard rock, outlaw country and heavy metal bands in the 1980s. Skinheads and punk rockers would spatter bleach on their jeans for a similar effect Acid washed jeans made a comeback in the late 2000s among teenage girls

Dirty wash:

Dirty washed jeans are like stone washed jeans in that they have been pre-washed to make them softer and to give them that worn-in look, but they have also been treated in a way that makes them appear dirty, or tinged beige, brown or khaki.


Stonewashed jeans are jeans that have been treated to produce a faded, worn appearance. This is usually accomplished either by washing the jeans with pumice in a rotating drum, or also by using chemicals to create the appearance without the use of a rotating drum. Stonewashed jeans were a popular fashion trend in the 1970s.[3] In the 2000s, stonewashed jeans were heavily distressed, with pre-made holes, frayed edges and extensive fading caused by sandblasting

Vintage wash:

Nothing beats the look of a pair of your favorite worn-in jeans. Of course, wearing in a pair of jeans can take years, so why not cheat a bit? Distressed jeans are created with a vintage wash, giving them the slight look of wear that everyone loves. This sort of wash will go with a large variety of shirts, but try something like a retro-style long sleeved shirt to accentuate this wash.

“Come-on Guys whatever the type, select your favorite one which suits you perfect and rock the street with it”

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