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Description: Eye makeup tricks are needed to have a perfect makeup on eyes. Here are some tips shared with you to help you to look more beautiful.

Eye makeup is more important than any other makeup on face and at the same time it is tricky to do. Many women are puzzled by eye makeup but once you get into the routine, it becomes easier to do. Here, I share some of my favorite essential techniques for eye makeup application followed by the tips for your specific eye shape.
Preparation: Apply a thin layer of eye-shadow primer on the eyelids to cover up the imperfections. This will create a perfect canvas for the application of eye-shades.If you are going to use a powder eye-shadow, set the eyelids with a powder. In case of cream or pencil colors, you can skip the powder setup for eyelids. Most of cream and pencil shades glide easily on mere foundation.
Choose Suitable Shade: The base of color selection for eye-shadows should always be your hair not your eyes. Yes, eyes can have specific makeup for special lens shade but normally makeup looks better when synchronized with the hair color. For blondes, creams and taupe shades look good while for brunettes, mochas and chocolate browns flatter. Ladies, who are redhead or auburn, should go for peaches, coppers, and reddish browns or some cool tones like lavenders or pink can be tried.
Choose Appropriate Technique: When it comes to makeup, technique of application matters more than anything else as a coarse makeup can spoil your natural beauty instead of highlighting it.
One Shadow Application: For a complete simple and gorgeous look, dust the eyelid entirely with one color wash. Cream eye shadows are ideal for this purpose. Best is to keep it light to medium tones. Use mascara to make the lashes look denser or brown eye pencil.
For an Extra Depth: You can emphasize the size of eyes by giving an extra depth to the crease. Start should always be with the lightest color. Now, the technique for applying the shadow to eyelids should be done in a medium shade on the entire lid. Hold the brush with a tight grip start from the eyelash-line; go beyond the crease, place where eyebrow bone joins the eyelash. Spread the shade on the brow-bone using brush and blend the color to look very natural.
Use a bit darker shade with a medium brush on the crease-line. If you want some dramatic effect for Halloween kind of an event, extend the darker shade beyond the crease making a wing to the outer side of the eye.
Emphasize the Lash-line for Shape: For an emphasized lash-line, use a darker tone eye shadow with eyeliner and smudge it. You can use a white liner pencil on the lower inner rim of the eye. This will make the eyes look larger and wider.
Be careful while applying eye-liner as thicker or thinner lines may create an imperfect look. Make a fine line according to your face requirement.

You can stop right here until and unless you want yourself to look dramatic or overdone. Eyes can be highlighted to look beautiful with makeup but over application can ruin all your efforts. Avoid looking loaded with makeup. Make sure you blend the colors carefully so that it does not get apparent where a color starts and where it ends. Hope eye makeup tricks given above will help you in doing the same.
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