Best Gifts for Your Valentine

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Happy Valentine's Day aGiftFebruary is a month of love and affections and more of candy, flowers, kisses, hearts, almost everything in pink and red. Feb 14th is celebrated all over the world in spite of diversity in race.

Do you know? Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day? It is said that, Saint Valentine, priest of 3rd Century Rome, helped young soldiers to marry in secret when marriage was forbidden by the Emperor. He was sentenced to death when the Emperor came to know his secrecy. While in prison, he sent Valentine card (first ever) for his beloved. This eventually became a celebrating holiday which is the second largest card sending holiday, next to Christmas.

People get cards for their Valentine in a whiplash but the hardest part is the gift they have to select. Here are some simple gifts which will make you and your Valentine happy.

For Girls

Boys, you know you can make your girl happy with easy little tricks and small gifts.

 As you know, girls always love chocolates and candy, big ones. You can buy her a hearty box full of heart shaped sweety chocolates.

There is no Valentine’s Day without flowers. Give her red roses/ bouquet, telling how special she is.

Teddy Bear
Most girls are fond of teddy bears, God knows why? Get a fluffy one with its hearts in its hands saying “I Love You”.

Take her to a candle light if you are going to propose. There is nothing lovelier than a candle light proposal on Valentine’s Day.

A small heart shaped locket with suitable ear ring will make her jump to heights.

Above all these things, a Kiss on her forehead will show how much you love her and she could never forget such a gift in her whole life.

For Boys

Girls its easy to figure out what your guy wants for Valentine’s Day because he will be hinting about that to you. If not you are in little trouble. Let see what guys may like.

Get a t-shirt for him. They love to see same brand and same color of t-shirts on both of you which depicts you both are one and the same.

Guys are so fond of electronic gadgets. Get the coolest gadgets which he always wanted.

Get a movie ticket or ticket for the game which he loves and enjoy his happiness with him.

  There is no gift compared to the time you spent with each other.  Take a walk along the beach in the sunset or any other peaceful romantic place, holding hands. Go around a travel trip and enjoy yourself. It will be your perfect Valentine’s Day in which the real happiness resides.

Happy Valentine's Day guys. Enjoy Well with your Love.

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