Why Buy Triple Bunk Beds?

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Why Buy Triple Bunk Beds?

triple bedSleeping on triple bunk beds with the sound of crickets and frogs looks like a scene from two decades ago. But in my family, that is what we have every summer, and more.  Having parents who are immigrants from Asia and who came to US in search of a better life, my two siblings and I have fond memories of sleeping in the same room on cheap bunk beds, type of bed in which one frame of bed is stacked on top of another.

We used to live in a small apartment, which only had two bedrooms: one for our parents and one for us. Three children married with kids and three houses later (one for each of us), our parents still decry the fact that we have no more ancestral house to go home to, nor even a parents’ home to send the kids to on vacation. So we got this brilliant idea of buying a country house in upstate New York where we can go on a vacation every summer with the whole bunch, kids and all.

The Need of Triple Bunk Beds

With grandparents, husbands and wives and grand kids, the 4-bedroom country house becomes a logistical nightmare. In order to make everyone fit, the rooms were equipped with triple sleepers. One bedroom had triple lofts (a loft bunk on top, a perpendicular second bunk and a parallel third bunk bed). One room had a real, honest-to-goodness triple bunks, one on top of the other. The third room had two double beds (for couples if they don’t want to sleep with their kid). And our parents room with a double bed.

triple bed

We can all fit at night, but there is usually so much noise, scolding’s and shouting’s before people actually sleep that every summer feels like a boy scout camp with four or five scout masters instead of one. Understandably, people get under each other’s skin and kids get the occasional fighting, pushing and shoving, crying over who gets to sleep in which bunk. In fact, there is usually so much pushing, kicking and rough play before bedtime that it makes the adults thank the high heavens that the beds were of reliable triple bunk beds quality

Mealtimes are also a logistical issue. The table is not long enough to accommodate everyone so tables and chairs are usually placed outside for the kids. But usually, it is the adults who want to eat outside so there are usually fighting over the seats too. At the end of the meal, the dining area in the house is usually empty, everybody choose to carry their chairs and their plates outside. As a matter of fact, life would be simpler if the meals were just laid on a picnic blanket to begin with.

Now that the grandkids are slowly and surely turning into adolescents, they find the country house camping-style vacation a bit too crowded for their taste. But somehow they still find exciting stuff to do and talk about and it still works out. All the girls choose to stay in one room, all the boys on the other one, but they still fight among each other about who stays on the top bunk and who stays at the bottom of the triple bunk beds!

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