Camping Options and Ideas For Summer Vacations

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summer-vacation-beach-11When most people think about camping, they imagine spending time in the wilderness miles away from any other people with a backpack full of food and supplies. They might imagine sitting around a fire that they had to build from kindling taken from the surrounding forest and sleeping in a tent. Mostly, they think about being without the comforts of modern everyday life, for better or worse. Some people might relish the opportunity to live like this for a few days, while others would do anything to avoid it.

The idea that camping means being exposed to the elements without any of the comforts of modern life has scared away a lot of people who might otherwise have given it a chance. This is unfortunate, because the truth is that camping can be so much more than that. There are plenty of options available to modern campers, not all of which involve sleeping in a tent or huddling around a fire. Here are just a handful of these options.

Rent an RV

RV rentals have always been popular for camping and road trips. There are various types of RVs available to rent with different options, but most of them are intended to include the comforts of home wherever they go. Traveling in an RV during a road trip is much more comfortable than a car because of the space and amenities available to passengers, and camping in an RV is more comfortable than a tent for the same reasons. Renting an RV means that you have a roof over your head, you have places to conveniently store food and supplies, and you most likely will have a bathroom. If you've balked at the idea of camping because sleeping in a tent and essentially living outdoors for a weekend doesn't appeal to you, consider renting an RV instead.

Stay at a Campsite

Campsites are areas specifically designated for camping. They are closely regulated by a park board or some other governing body, and they are intended to be safe and comfortable for novice and experienced campers alike. A campsite can be anything from a space where you can safely pitch a tent to a large compound with paved roads, cabins, and fire pits. You will still be camping and spending time in the wilderness, but it will be more comfortable than simply setting up a tent in the middle of a forest.

Cabin Rentals

A cabin rental a popular option for those who want to get away from the stress of daily life yet don't want to go all-out with a tent in the woods. Cabins are significantly more comfortable, and in many respects safer, than setting up a tent in the woods, but they are still far enough away from most urban or suburban areas that you will have the feeling of being in the wilderness. They can be fairly expensive depending on where you look, but smaller cabins with fewer amenities should be affordable enough for just about any budget. If you have enough funds, you might even want to consider buying a cabin of your own to use or even rent out to other campers.


This article was provided by Jim Martinez, veteran jetsetter and fair-weather camper. Jim writes on behalf of Nueltin Fly-in Lodges, the perfect place for comfy, rustic stays.

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