Makeup Stains
4 Ways to Remove Make-Up Stains from Clothes
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 You’ve perfected your make-up, but just as you’re applying your mascara, you accidentally drop it &nda ...

5 Ways Your Physical Appearance Can Affect Your Emotional Well-being
Look Your Best: Five Ways Your Physical Appearance Can Affect Your Emotional Well-being
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Your physical appearance and health is heavily linked to your emotional well-being. There are steps you can take to feel ...

makeup bag
Why You Should Keep Your Make-up Bag Clean
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There comes a moment in almost every woman's life when she feels like she has to clean her make-up bag because it ...

hair dresser
Five Steps to Choosing the Best Hairdresser or Barbary for You
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When it comes to finding a good hairdresser or barber, some people experience stress or confusion. They may not be aware ...

dental care nice smile lady
How Does Cold Affect Your Skin
October 20, 2013, 1 Comment

Low temperatures during the winter, the abrupt change of heath and cold, as well as the cold winter wind and the low lev ...

dental care nice smile lady
What Kind Of Make Up Brushes Do You Really Need
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What kind of make up brushes do you buy? Perhaps every time you get into a cosmetic shop you start asking yourself the s ...

What Really Contributes to Baldness
What Really Contributes to Baldness?
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Baldness is a concern for many men and women. One out of three men will end up bald or will start to bald by the age of ...

All natural hair regrowth
All natural hair regrowth a preference to chemicals
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When the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is overproduced, it causes hair loss. This hormone has to be blocked in order ...

5 quick fixes to look fabulous for the summer
5 Quick Fixes To Look Fabulous For The Summer
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Summer is the perfect time of the year to show off some skin, and look great when spending time outdoors. With a few twe ...

Nails Beautiful Every Day
How To Make Your Nails Beautiful Every Day
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One aspect of their beauty that women can focus on is their nails. Most women try hard to keep their nails long and look ...