Check Out These Major Fashion Week’s Of 2013

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Major Fashion Week’sFashion has now crossed all boarders and sees variety and talent from around the world. From being accessible to just few elite, it has leaped into a full industry. Fashion has gently become part of common lives and most wait for newest trends to surface. The fashion festivals and fashion weeks showcase fashion trends on the right platform. They surly serve as a benchmark or inspiration for what is new, ‘in’ or ‘out’ in terms of fashion.

The fashion hubs of the world:

New York, London, Milan and Paris host fashions weeks twice a year. But the glitz and glitter of these fashion weeks have started extending to other places, giving rise to prominent fashion week’s at: Japan, Berlin, Bangkok, Australia, India, Singapore, Bangkok and lots of other places as well.   

Dates For Fall/Winter 2013 -2014 Fashion Shows

  • New York: 7-14, February 2013
  • London: 15-19, February 2013
  • Milan: 20-26, February 2013
  • Paris: 26 February – 6 March, 2013

Dates For Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Shows

  • New York: 5-12, September 2013
  • London: 13-17, September 2013
  • Milan: September, 2013
  • Paris: September, 2013

A quick review of other prominent fashion weeks this year

 Japan Fashion Week: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, TOKYO- It is more popularly known as MBFWT and is hosted by Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFW Organization). Through this fashion week Japan's fashion has received great exposure and promotion at the world forum. The venue for this year’s event is Shibuya Hikarie and Mercedes-Benz Connection in Roppongi. This event will be held from 17th to 23rd March, 2013. The fashion coverage will be 2013-14 Autumn/Winter. 

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Sydney: Melbourne Benz fashion week brings with it fresher and innovative concepts. This year the event is scheduled to be held at Sydney's Carriageworks in Redfern. The dates for this event are scheduled from 8th to 12th, April 2013. The tickets and elaborate plan of the event will be available at official site. The price for tickets may range from being $100 for the front row to $35 for the back seat. 

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, Australia: One of the best know fashion weeks that brings creativity, design and experimentation to the forefront.  Industries leading fashion designers participate in this event. It is a weeklong festival of fashion which will be held from 18th to 24th March, 2013. You can buy tickets to this show through the official website. 

London Fashion Week: 
It is the fashion hub and home to some of the leading designers. The city becomes alive with trends that become style statements for people. The shutterbugs, business and retail industry sees the exhibit of finest creations and this year’s autumn/ winter runway is schedule to be held from 15th to 19th February, 2013. 

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