Christmas Decoration Ideas on a Budget

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As Christmas is coming along this year, one question comes to mind: what decoration are you going to need and how much will it cost? Even if you have kept last year's decoration materials, you may still need something new and fresh. Unfortunately, your budget may not include Christmas-related stuff. For this reason, you may consider making your own decoration this year. In this article we provide a list of DIY decoration stuff you can use to have that Christmas effect in your home as well.

Use paper to make beautiful ornaments

Buy colorful sheets of paper. Punch different patterns in strips of the paper using border punches. Then staple the ends, forming different shapes. Use your imagination.

Make paper garlands

You probably made these as a kid when the market wasn't so abundant in Christmas decoration. Paper garlands are easy to make and very beautiful. What's more they are colorful, inexpensive and still modern. Making paper rings is the simplest of all, but you can try other shapes such as snowflakes, triangles, pentagrams. Let your imagination run wild and your hands will do miracles.

Make a striped wreath

Wreaths you usually by from the shop don't last that much if they are organic. If you want to have one that can be used over and over each year, it's a good idea to make one yourself. It's made of foam wreath, muslin, red and white fabric. Use the muslin to wrap it around the foam wreath (the muslin should be torn into long strips before you begin your work). Attach the strips with pins. Take the white and red fabric and cut it into squares. Fold each of them in half and then one more time in half again. Take a red one and pin it to the wreath. Make a whole line of red fabric. After that add a white fabric row. Follow red with white until you cover the whole wreath. If this is too ordinary for you, you can add more colors such as green and yellow. Finally, attach a black ribbon. There you go! Now you have a nice, handmade Christmas wreath.

Peppermint wreath

This exceptionally beautiful wreath will make your jaw drop. It is amazing and very easy to make. Moreover, it's inexpensive! What you need is: wreath form of white foam, a box of red hots, 3 bags of peppermint mints, glue and a ribbon.

First off, unwrap the peppermints and glue each of them to the wreath foam. Start from the inner side. This will take some time but is an easy task. Plus, think about the final goal: having a wonderful red and white wreath, adding some Christmas spirit to your house!

After you are done gluing the peppermints, add some red hots to fill the empty space among the mints. This step is optional.

Use the ribbon to hang the wreath at a place where you will be able to admire it. We are sure guests will adore it! They will keep asking where you bought this nice Christmas decoration.

Additionally, you can use feathers, wood, envelopes, lights and other stuff that comes to your mind to make a lovely holiday décor. Don't spare material. Let your imagination guide you in the process of decorating your home.

If your budget is tight this year, don't forget to take advantage of the useful tips mentioned above. Enjoy the decoration and help your friends and neighbors achieve a wonderful atmosphere at home as well at an affordable price. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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