Co-sleeping with your baby: Yes, No or Sometimes?

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Baby-SleepingMany books say that sleeping with the baby is not a good idea. They even go that far as to claim this unusual custom   dangerous. However, there are parents that are compelled to share their bed with babies since this is the only way that the small guys calm down and have sweet dreams (and eventually let their parents get some sleep too).

Is there really a problem about babies and parents sharing one bed? Here we will discuss some of the pros and cons of this habit.

Sleeping with your baby is not that uncommon

Surprisingly or not, many parents around the world let their infants sleep with them. They just don't tell doctors or other people about it. In truth, there is nothing unusual about this habit. It a way of nurturing, so to say. You shouldn't feel awkward and guilty about it. Many parents keep this practice a secret as if it is some kind of taboo or something.


What are the concerns?

Jeopardized baby's safety

Studies show that babies can be suffocated or squashed if they share one and the same bed with parents. There are many ways in which you can jeopardize your baby's life at night. You can't have a constant control over the situation. The baby may wriggle in your feet alone or you may push them down in your sleep. Sometimes this can be fatal as the infant may suffocate or overheat.

Sudden Infant Dead Syndrome (SIDS)

This syndrome kills a number of 300 children under age of one yearly in Britain! It leads to a sudden and unexplained death of babies.

It is a well known fact that cigarettes, drugs and alcohol are harmful for babies (as well as for grown-ups) and they cause heart and breathing problems in infants. If you are not this kind of parent and you think you are doing things right, it may turn out that you are jeopardizing your baby's life by co-sleeping. After research of about 1,500 SIDS cases, studies have shown that there were 88% of baby deaths occurring while an infant slept with they parents.

Scientists claim that these kids could have still been alive if bed-sharing hadn't occurred…

Usually co-sleeping is not a matter of choice. Parents go for it when they are so tired and just want to get some sleep. But they had better refrain from this practice. The reason for this is that an adult bed can be risky for infants. It is not designed for babies and as a result it can be a hazardous environment for the baby. As we already pointed out, co-sleeping may lead to suffocation or overheating.

The Department of Health recommends that infants should be put to sleep in their own cots, at least for the first 6 months.

Nevertheless, 50% of mothers still do this risky practice!

The reason for this may be that many psychologists and celebrities encourage mothers to spend as much time with their babies as possible and to literally never let them unsupervised, which includes nighttime as well.

Furthermore, mothers are more encouraged and pressed to breastfeed. We are all aware of the fact that breastfeeding is good both for babies and mothers, as it can help prevent breast cancer in women.

Thus, many mothers feel that they need to keep their babies closer in order to be able to feed them any time they get hungry, so they decide to share their bed with them. However, women should know that milk is digested faster and this makes babies get hungry more often. This will lead to more frequent feeding habits and will fasten you to your child.

Instead you should give your baby a bottle-feed as well. If co-sleeping occurs anyway, mothers are advised to put their babies near their faces, especially if they don't breastfeed.


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