How Does Cold Affect Your Skin

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Low temperatures during the winter, the abrupt change of heath and cold, as well as the cold winter wind and the low levels of moisture are all detrimental to your skin. Especially if does not receive some special care and attention with the right cosmetic products and procedures.

Cold winter months are a serious test for the entire body, but your skin is one of the most vulnerable parts. During the winter most people get too dry and sensitive skin even if their skin is normal or oily during the rest of the year. The cold weather and the wind outside dry and irritate skin, and make it look red and rougher. In addition, your lips are no less vulnerable because the skin they don't have their own oily glands.

How does cold affect your skin?

The weather during the winter is a real challenge your your skin, regardless of the fact what type of skin it is. Thanks to the low temperatures and cold wind, your skin often looses its natural lustre and gets very dry, irritated and even red and painful. Itching due to excessive dryness is also not uncommon.

Dry and irritated skin is the result of damage of the substances found in your skin cells that are responsible for keeping it smooth and intact. When this happens, there is usually a serious dehydration, which leads to roughening, tension and other more serious skin irritations.

What are the main factors that affect your skin in the winter?

Most dermatologists point out the cold, frosty wind, low humidity and the severe change of the temperatures indoors and outdoors as the main factors affecting the deterioration of your skin.

So, in order to protect or restore your skin from the damages, you should use moisturisers, special serums or milks that are rich of antioxidants and moisturising ingredients.

How to deal with the dry skin problem during the cold winter months?


Your skin should be washed very carefully when the weather outside is cold, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. Standard soaps may provoke serious skin irritations, so instead of the ordinary soaps, use special moisturising agents or mild gels. Don't forget that the water you use must be warm, but not hot, because hot water combined with the cold weather outside dries skin and makes it more vulnerable.


You should apply special body lotions and milks on all exposed parts of your body before going out in the cold. Do not forget to carry a hand cream with you and apply some regularly on your hands. Also, remember that deep cleaning and exfoliating masks, as well as the ones with anti-bacterial effect can be damaging in combination with the cold weather outside. Use cosmetics containing some vitamins and nutrients instead.

Sun protection

Do not forget about the proper sun protection of your skin during the cold winter months. Although you wear much more clothes when the weather is cold, make sure your hands and face are well taken care of, because they are vulnerable. Always apply some cream or body lotion that has sun protection factor, especially if there is snow outside, because snow reflects sunlight, and the damages to your skin are even more severe than usual. Always put on some body lotion and lip balm with at a sun protection factor, which is at least 15.

The products you use in the winter should be with a low PH and should contain at least one of the following ingredients: glycerine, beeswax, sweet almond oil, honey extract, or jojoba oil. These natural substances are beneficial to your skin in the winter, because they help it quickly regain its natural lustre and fresh and healthy look.

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