Confused About The Perfect Gift For Him? Why Not Try Leather Wallets?

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Perfect Gift For HimGiving your spouse, boyfriend, brother or dad a gift that he will not only make it a point to use every day, but he will get attached to it. There is nothing more important or personal to a man than this wallet. However, selecting the right wallet can be challenging as well as overwhelming. However, if you do your research beforehand and have knowledge about wallets, you will find it easy to pick the perfect one.

Types of Wallets

Wallets are available in a number of sizes and shapes. Today, slim wallets are in vogue. These wallets are small and can easily fit into a man’s back pocket. Furthermore, men want wallets that can hold quite a bit. They want their wallets to hold photographs, money, ID cards and credit cards. The capacity of the wallet is determined by the type.

Bifold Wallet: This wallet is medium in size. It folds into half and has space for money, credit cards, driving license and ID card. In fact, there are separate compartments in the wallet for different items, making it spacious and functional. Most men like to carry this kind of a wallet, as it is convenient.

Billfold Wallet: This standard-sized wallet holds many credit cards and also fits into the back pocket. It is easy for the person to take out money and other cards out in a jiffy. This is the perfect wallet for a man who has several credit cards.

Hipster Wallet: This wallet looks just like a bifold wallet, but is slightly taller. As a result it has the capacity to hold more credit cards. Usually it is square in shape, but can fit into the pant back pocket effortlessly and comfortably. Typically, hipsters have an ID window to inset the driver’s license, slots for credit cards and a compartment for money.

Pass Case Wallet: If the man does not like to carry his wallet on him always and would like to leave it behind, the pass case wallet is the right choice for him. This kind of wallet has a pullout pass case, about the size of a business card, which has a window made from clear plastic and can be used for carrying driver’s license or any other ID. In addition, there is space to carry a couple of credit cards.

Trifold Wallet: Although a small wallet, it still has the ability to carry a lot. Besides, driver’s license, cash and credit cards, this wallet can also carry keys, as it usually has a special compartment for them. This may be a small wallet, but it carries a lot of punch!

Tips on How to Pick the Right Leather Wallet for Him:

A man will shove his wallet into his back pocket and when he is at home, he will throw it onto the dresser where it will lie until he needs it again. When he is driving, he will toss the wallet into the glove compartment. So a wallet takes a lot during a single day. That is why many men go through their wallets very quickly. Knowing how to pick out the right wallet for the man in your life can be exciting and fulfilling experience. Seeing the look of joy on the face will be worth the effort and time you put into selecting the perfect wallet.

Now that you know the types of wallets that are available, here are some tips that will guide you how to pick a leather wallet that is just right for him:

Quality of the Leather: The leather quality will depend on the type of leather you select. Full-grain leather is the thickest and takes long to wear out. This leather is not processed too much, as a result it can vary in natural pattern and color. The split-grain leather is of slightly lower quality. This kind of leather is split in layers, with the top layer being called top grain leather and the last layer of leather being called split leather. The top grain leather will vary in natural pattern and color, just like the full-grain leather. Even though it has multiple layers, split-grain leather is thinner and this can cause it to wear out quickly. Usually, split leather comes embossed with patterns. Finding out the kind of leather the wallet is made from will help you determine the quality. Typically, it is best to go for soft leather wallet, as it will have the best quality leather.

Size: Select a size that fits the needs of the person. Find out what are the things that the man carries in his wallet and which are things he needs and uses on a regular basis. This will allow you to pick a size that will be functional.

Color: Men take the color of their wallets very seriously. Usually, they prefer black or brown wallets, as these colors are more masculine looking. However, there are also wallets available in a variety of colors that can be matched to the man’s wardrobe. But it is important to choose a color with care, as the last thing the man would like is being the butt of jokes.

Buying a new wallet for the man in your life is easy if you know how to go about it. This way you will not spend too much time looking for the right wallet and will be able to make the right choice that will be highly appreciated.

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