Create the ultimate bachelor pad in five simple steps

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There comes a time in every man’s life when they fly the nest and leave the parental home to become self sufficient. Some men opt to move in with girlfriends and partners, but for those of us lucky enough to be living out the bachelor dream here are some great tips to help you create that bachelor pad you’ve always dreamed of.

Buy the biggest and best TV affordable

The TV is a staple part of any bachelor pad; plenty of time will be spent in front of the TV watching sport, movies and playing computer games till your heart’s content. When buying your new TV be sure to shop around to get the best deals available. TV’s today have dropped in price dramatically and can be picked up at incredibly low prices. 3D televisions have become increasingly popular over the past few years and this has been reflected with the likes of SKY and BBC introducing new 3D channels. Looking into future TV technology is destined to move on leaps and bounds with the introduction of 4k Ultra HD screens so don’t miss the boat and invest in Ultra HD.


samsung full hd tv

Invest in a games table

Every self-respecting bachelor pad needs a games table of sorts pending on your specific taste. More popular tables include pool, snooker, foosball, air hockey and even ping pong.  Why not kill multiple birds with one stone and invest in a multiplay games table that provides a number of different table games in one. If space is an issue why not invest in a fold up games table or a pool table that doubles up as a dining table.


gaming table

Make sure you are sitting comfortably 

One of the most important factors of any bachelor pad is the seating arrangements. Naturally you want seating that is both comfortable but pretty cool at the same time. If you want to really indulge why not invest in recliner sofas that don’t just provide reclining functions but in built massage systems, drinks coolers and in-built speakers. If you are working on a budget why not simply opt for some classic leather sofas that will provide maximum comfort but a cool quirky look at the same time.


comfortable chair watching tv

Make sure you are ready to play

No bachelor pad can be complete without a games console; the leading games consoles out there today include the Sony PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Don’t scrimp when investing in games consoles, to have a complete bachelor pad you really need all three of these consoles. This year (2013) is also rumoured to be the year Sony release their new PS4 console, so why not get ahead of the pack and pre-order your PS4 today. Remember – every bachelor pad needs three essential games, Fifa, Call of Duty and Football Manager.

Keep fit at home

We all know how difficult it can be to attend the gym every day, so why not bring the gym to your home. To achieve the basic home gym invest in some dumb bells, a rowing machine and treadmill, this way you will be able to keep fit and never enter a gym again in your life. Take note, when buying gym equipment makes sure it fits in with the decor of your home as it can just look out of place and ugly.

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