Dating Tips for Teenage Boys

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Are you feeling bored, lonely during Christmas vacations? Mischievous Dating is all swirling in your mind. You are planning to try delightful doings . This Christmas present is for them who are not straight dumps and want to have some adventure, pleasure. So it’s time to shed all the humdrum.

Don’t restrict date to sheer sexual intercourse. Teens can add pleasure and make it a memorable experience instead of bunching up embarrassment, insecure sex, loosing virginity and shabby activities.  Memories of First Dating experience should be tranquil. You could share it with your buddies joyfully  rather disastrous.

Here are some naughty tips to make the first date  victory for the lads.

Try to be friendly enough with the girl before proposing for a date. Don’t let her know your naughty thoughts. Talk to her about her family exclusively dad. Girls love to talk about their fathers. Dad’s appreciation is the main key to unlock the girl’s bunged heart. Don’t let her realize that your main target is she herself rather than her father.

Be a patient  listener. Listen to her whatever she speaks. Don’t give her a chance to doubt your acting skills. She may ask you anything in between about the talk.

 The girls have some everlasting traits like short- tempered, jealous, spendthrift. Enter from these loops. Check out if she had a quarrel with her mom, sister, best friend. Declare her right. Whatever the situation is. This trick would push you closer to her.

Most of the girls are romantic in nature. They always try to find Romeo of Shakespeare in their boyfriends. Your dresses, expressions, way of holding her hand should match with her adorable hero.

Appreciation is an ancient weapon to win her heart. Praise her in the maximum ways. Tag her unique in her selection. Comparisons can make wonders!! Chant how far she is above from her friends in all terms. Don’t leave a single option for suspicion.

Gifts…… but it should be according to her taste. Don’t folly to present a flower stick to a girl who is interested in sports. Presenting concerned sports material, magazine, stuff, biography is a better option. Supposedly she is an intellectual. Books are the best option. Fashion accessories are the choice of many girls you would come to know from her style.

Never try to create an image of a shallow fellow. Girls never want an immature person in their life. They are filled with romanticism. They have their own world. However strong a girl is, she always dreams of powerful hands to hold her during bad times.

Don’t become snobbish. Let the things go in a genuine manner. Don’t give false explanations where you have never been. May be she was there for several times. You would become a stock for laughter. Secondly, you would lose your chance.

Abusive language is a big no-no. Don’t dare to use abusive language in the conversation. It would collapse your meet up. Demonstrate your etiquette rather. Your language should be decent with a soft tone. Even try to be soft with waiters if you go to a food place. Your tip to waiter, gate keeper can work a lot.

Give her preference. She should feel like a queen. Pick her up from her home. Timings to hang out, venue, food if she chooses a restaurant mean to say everything should be of her choice.

Try to keep her in a comfort zone. As much as possible, leave that place at the same moment if she is not comfortable. You can ask her whether she is all right? Let her friend join you she wants so. Does she need something ?Meanwhile she is not feeling well. Take her to the doctor instead of dropping her home. This would show your concern.

Don’t try to hold her hand or kiss during the first date. There should not be any discussion from your side about any vulgar movie, book, web site . Leave an impression that she desires to meet you again instead of a cheap, unpleasant fellow.

You may ask her at the end that How did she enjoy? How was the food? You can share your experiences as well. If she complains promise to rectify those things in the second meet. If she smiles or passes friendly expressions it means mission accomplished.


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