Decorating Disaster: What You Are Doing Wrong Inside The House?

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Decorating Disaster What You Are Doing Wrong Inside the HouseWhen your house is bare and unimaginative, it can be hard to find a ways to decorate and find your own style. Bare walls can make your house appear gloomy and boring. But you are probably closer to a great-looking home than you think. Try these simple changes to get your décor looking dreamy.

Don't Let Chairs Become Wallflowers

Your antique furniture should stand out in a room, don't let it hide behind other decorations. You may even want to try painting your wooden chairs in bright colors to really make a statement. Putting the chairs and sofas against the walls often leaves awkward gaps and people end up sitting far away from each other. Put furniture close together for a cozy atmosphere and to encourage conversation.

Breaking Up Furniture Pieces

If you have lots of chairs and sofas, put them in smaller groups of two or three pieces each per room. This will balance the rooms when each grouping is about the same size. It will also provide intimate spaces where people feel comfortable chatting, while leaving open other wide spaces for games and parties.

Rug Rescue

If you have an area rug, it should almost fill the space between the chairs and sofas. If it's too small for the space, it will look awkward, and lonesome. A rug that fits in the space will make a small room look bigger, and will make any room look finished and well-planned. Color coordinate between the rooms so that your rugs becomes a literal thread of connectivity throughout the house. Don't be afraid to use a rug as the centerpiece of the room.

Defeat the Clutter

Too many photos, knickknacks, or sofa pillows can make a room look messy and sloppy. Don't let the sofa pillows can see the TV better than you can. Just a few items on a table can be attractive and cheerful. You can rotate items every now and then to give the room a fresh look. Perhaps for the entryway you can dedicate a table to holiday themes each month. There are many ways to add decorations without adding too much.

Give Table Lamps the Green Light

Lighting is important for any kind of function in a room, and also for creating ambiance. One overhead light in a room can be too stark. Go with table lamps and floor lamps that add just the right glow for an evening read. That way, the lighting is soft and can show the room in a different light (so to speak). Even one lamp will be enough to highlight one piece of period reproduction furniture you are particularly proud of.

What looks like a dull and boring room can be transformed with just a few quick changes. Soon your friends will have you come and decorate their homes!

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