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pearljewelry2The moment we think of pearls as a jewelry item, we think of pearl strands. Our thought gets very limited when it comes to pearl items. But pearl jewelry is much more than mere neck pieces. They are one of the most diverse jewelry. One can use them in any and every manner. Their luster and shine is different from regular gemstones. If you compare them to rubies, sapphires or diamonds then you will be disappointed. Pearl jewelry has a class and aura of their own and they have always been connected with royal families. One will often across portraits of many kings and queens wearing pearl jewelry with a diamond or ruby used as a centre stone. And not everyone can carry off pearls. It requires a certain amount of attitude and dignity to wear it and carry it.

However the modern pearl jewelries we see have gone a lot of trends to evolve as it is seen nowadays. It was during the Renaissance that Pearls made their impact felt in the world of jewelry. They were seen on the elites of the society. Women with wealth and high royalty were seen wearing them at grand occasions, different parties and get togethers. In fact Queen Elizabeth is famous for her passion for pearl jewelries and is often seen wearing them. But during those time pearl jewelry were available only in white colour, and pink colour, other varieties where not that much in use.

pearljewelry1But the current trends are completely different. Although the demand for white pearls have not diminished but we come across jewelry items made up of black pearl, pink pearl, cream coloured pearl and so on. Of all the different jewelry items, it is only pearl that can be worn at any time of the day or night. Unlike other shiny and elaborate pieces that are suitable for weddings and all, pearls have a delicate charm as well a royal and elegant feel. Pearls as such are never old, only the designs and styles change.

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