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Divorce is the worst disease that spreads pretty fast all over the world. The relationships are the important one to take care of. Divorce isn’t answer for all the hard times one goes through. Instead try to save the married life which brings the most joy and happiness when it’s started.

The life has become more remote and uncontrollable that everyone wanted to move on if it doesn’t work out, instead of adjusting tiny little things to make it work.

1. Spend a quality time with each other. While dating, people find lots of time to spend. Why can’t you make time for your loved one after marriage like you did before? So set a date night every weekend, no matter how much tight the schedule might be.

2. Communicate Effectively: Share every bit of information and emotions with your spouse and pay complete attention to what they say. Drop everything and go if your spouse wants to share something with you. No problem is, no longer a problem, when you got someone to share.

3. Stop being a money minder and don’t regret it in later of your life. Money is essential but it alone isn’t life. Take a vacation with your family as often as possible which gives you time to relax and consider about things.

4. Hold hands wherever possible, no matter how old are you. In dinner table, while walking in street or park, while having tea in porch and shopping. This stance gives you a magic revolt in your married life. Don’t be shy. Go on. Do it. It keeps your romantic life alive.

5. Try to mend your passions together. If you both love to read books then do it together which will give you something to discuss apart from your troubles. So with the gardening, painting, etc. you can share time and ideas.

6. Trust each other and hold on to it no matter what.

7. Don’t go to bed with heavy hearted, after an argument. After the hot argument hug each other with soft words which can eventually melt your hearts and bound you strong.

8. Don’t expect to win every argument you have with your spouse. Give up easily and make them feel your love. Winning someone’s heart is much more greater than winning some egoistic argument. Don’t you think?

9. Exchange gifts occasionally which is considered as an evident of love.

10. Finally, girls/women, don’t expect your spouse to remember your anniversaries and birthday’s since they don’t have a good memory as we do. And boys/men don’t turn hard on your wives for fighting with the same reason because its women nature.

All the very best for all the couple, for their interesting and everlasting romantic married life. Good luck guys.

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