Effective Skin Whitening Tips for Men : Bleaching and Facial

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Effective Skin Whitening Tips for MenEffective Skin Whitening Tips for Men: Natural

You know, everyone wants to see results with the blink of an eye. But the truth is, this doesn't happen. Not at least in the case where you're using natural products. However, those men who dread chemicals and toxins that lay harm to the skin, can always vouch for the miracles of nature, and make use of the following skin whitening tips:

To start with, never forget to wash your face at least twice a day with a face wash that has aloe vera and lime content. History has it, aloe vera and lime juice are the two best skin whiteners brought into practice for ages. Use a scrub every alternate day to remove the dead skin cells, so that you avoid the settlement of dirt and oil in your pores. While both face wash and scrub are essentials for your daily skin regimen, you can always acquire them in the form of natural products to whiten your skin. For example, lime juice, when applied by dabbing cotton all over the face, left for 15 minutes and washed off, bleaches the skin superficially. This contributes to enhancing the color tone of your skin, along with reducing blackheads and acne.

Secondly, using tomato directly over your face has often given positive results to men, for the reason that tomato too has bleaching effects over the skin, and hence, causes the skin to whiten. You will see the effects at the very first application. On the other hand, if you feel tomato alone isn't enough, you could make a paste out of blended tomato and lime juice, and apply it every morning. Within a week itself, you will find your appearance brightened and whitened. At first, you might feel a tingling sensation on your facial skin, but that's perfectly okay, because both lime and tomato have citric acid which causes a tingling effect.

Thirdly, if you're up for some hard work on a daily basis, you could soak 4 almonds in the night, and peel them off in the morning. Grind them to make a paste, and add one tsp each of gram flour and milk. Massage your face with this paste everyday, and leave it on for half and hour to dry. Wash it off with cold water, and see yourself getting fairer with each day passing by.

Effective Skin Whitening Tips for Men: Professional

Tried out every homemade skin whitener remedy but couldn't get satisfactory results? Perhaps, it's time you seek professional help to whiten your skin. A few tips might come handy if you're no more a fan of natural products, and want to see yourself getting fairer at a rather quicker pace. So here are a few options that you could go for:

Firstly, go for skin whitening creams that are suggested by your dermatologist. Skin whitening creams consist of hydroquinone and kojic acid, both of which are responsible for curbing melanocytes, the skin cells that cause pigmentation to the skin. However, many creams in the market are fake, and don't generate the desired results. Visit your dermatologist and ask for a cream that he recommends is the best for your skin type. Usually, men go for Nur76 Skin Lightening Cream, Gluta-C, or Meladerm, which are considered to be quite effective for skin whitening. You can expect to see results within a month of use.

Secondly, skin lightening peels are suggested for many men who want to have a considerably whiter skin. These lightening peels include the application of a fruity fatty acid peel, followed by a specialized formulation of skin lightening agents, that not only remove the excessive tanning on the face, but reduce pigmentation as well. These treatments generally cost a bit too much, but if you're ready for it, and have decided to go for these lightening peels, you can expect them to keep your skin radiant and whiter for a long time.

Dermatologists all over the world quote: 'Applying sunscreen to your skin everyday is the best way to take care of your skin.' Hence, don't ever forget to step out of the house without coating your skin with sunscreen, as it lightens the skin quicker than any other skin product. The key to bring into use all natural tips is to continue them for at least a month, if you wish to see the desired results. You cannot get whiter and fairer overnight (unless you're opting for a professional treatment), and hence, it's always advised you be patient and regular in applications.

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