So is Every Bottle of Olive Oil Created Equal?

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To start this article off, you need to realize that there are many different kinds of olive oil out there and they are all differentiated by the various different methods of processing that they go through.

Virgin Olive Oil

olive oilOlive oil that’s been classed as being virgin has only gone through physical means of processing because chemical methods are simply not allowed.

The best of the best stuff, when it comes to virgin olive oil actually comes from olives that are just ripe because oil that’s produced using green or overripe olives result in the final product tasting very bitter. These ripe olives are picked and then ground up into a paste using either millstones or steel drums.

The name virgin olive oil should give you the hint that this oil hasn’t gone through any kind of processing other than washing, decanting, centrifuging and filtering because these are the only processes that are allowed to be used.

Refined Olive Oil

Olive oil that’s been classed as being refined is usually of poor quality because it’s made from olive oil that has impurities in it and in order for it to become edible it has to go through the process of refining.

Usually the process of refining involves using things like charcoal filters or other similar processes. While it will have an increased shelf life, it’ll essentially be an oil that contains no flavor.

Olive Pomace Oil

This oil isn’t actually meant to be consumed rather it’s made from the leftover solids from the olives that were pressed to make virgin olive oil. To make this process work, chemical solvents are used.

Most of the time this form of olive oil is used to make olive oil based soaps.

Blended Olive Oil

This is the one type of olive oil that I’m going to recommend that you totally avoid because it’s very bad quality. Sometimes you’ll find it’s a mixture of various different types of olive oil but more often than not it’s a blend of a little bit of olive oil mixed up with some sort of vegetable oil such as canola.

Again this sort of oil will have an increased shelf life but it will contain a whole lot more polyunsaturated fats and far fewer monounsaturated fats! Why on earth would anyone out there want to consume this?

If you seriously want to consume the best then I’d highly recommend that you only touch extra virgin olive oil from now on!

The International Olive Oil Council mentions that in order for an oil to be classed as being Extra virgin it has to meet two important criteria. These are the fact that it must contain at the very most 0.8% acidity and the second being it must have a far superior taste to any normal oil out there.

There are extremely high quality extra virgin oils out there that have been unfiltered and cold pressed, and the result is that you get an oil that’s far more flavorful.

Another great benefit of extra virgin olive oil is that it comes with an incredible amount of polyphenols which are some of the best antioxidants you can get your hands on.

Factors To Keep in Mind When Looking For an Olive Oil

You must always remember that just because an oil has been given the name extra virgin doesn’t actually mean it’s the best quality oil you can get your hands on.
In fact, rather than buying an olive oil that has come all the way from Greece of Italy, your money would be better spent going for something that was produced locally.

The reason for this is that extra virgin olive oils are extremely fragile by nature and the journey it takes to come all the way across from the Mediterranean can result in you getting your hands on something that just doesn’t have much taste.

The really great news is that most if not all grocery stores these days will hold at least one olive oil that has been made locally. And while you might be paying a little extra for it, the price will be more than worth it once you get a little taste.

When you’re picking out a new oil, you’re going to want to treat it like you would a fine wine and start to really engage all of your senses.

The first thing you need to do is smell the oil you’re thinking of buying. It should have a very clean and fresh smell of olives, grass and a hint of apples.

Avoid relying on your sight because these days it’s very easy to manipulate the color of an oil. Rather you should focus most if not all of your remaining attention towards the most important sense of all and that’s taste.

Simply take a teaspoon of oil and swish it about in your mouth much like you would a fine wine.

The very first taste you should get is that of olives but the best of the best oils out there will give you a hint of grass, apples and perhaps even fennel if you’re lucky.

If you get a little metallic taste in your mouth then it’s likely that the olive oil you’re tasting is rancid.

Unfortunately the only way you’re going to be able to find the best oil that you want to use every single day is by experimenting. You have to keep trying different oils until you find that one oil you love. The journey may be a long one but it will be more than worth it!

Once you do find that one oil you love, you must remember to never, ever use it to sauté something because it will totally ruin the delicate flavors of the oil.

Rather you should cook your food using butter and then finish the dish off with your favorite extra virgin oil.

This way you’re not only going to be able to get the amazing taste of the oil but you’re going to be able to benefit from its nutrients and ultimately not a single drop will be wasted!

So there you have it, all the tips that you need to get out there and find that one really high quality oil that you’re going to enjoy for years to come 🙂

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