Find Nirvana: 4 of the Most Relaxing Places (Near Your Home!)

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As much as we might try, we cannot live on a steady diet of activity. Moments of peace and rest are necessary for a well-balanced life. You don’t have to take a world-class spa vacation to get a dose of tranquility. Some of the best sanctuaries of calm are closer than you think.

Look Up

Few things are as soothing to the mind as the beauty of the sky. For centuries, poets have tried to capture in words the serenity of a sunset, or the loveliness of a starry night. Sometimes, the most peaceful place on earth is a cozy seat with a gorgeous view. Watching clouds float by from a skylight, rooftop, or even the driveway can really recharge your batteries. Make your sky viewing spot even more delightful by adding your favorite comfort items: a soft blanket, sketching pad, or relaxing music.

The Backyard Oasis

Often we can overlook that little slice of nature attached to our own homes. From a simple hammock under a shaded tree, to the bubbly bliss of an in-ground spa, backyards can offer a wonderful retreat. You can create a personalized peaceful space in your own backyard with a screen tent and a good book. If you have a porch, the gentle rocking of a porch swing is truly a relaxing treat.

Nature Nearby

Natural areas around us can also be havens of rest. A wooded acre displays beauty in all four seasons. Slowing down to observe the smallest elements of nature as you hike through the woods will have a calming effect. Even urban dwellers can find nearby parks or gardens where they can access inner peace through nature. The nearest lake, river or stream can provide a soothing backdrop or a lovely portrait when you bring along a camera, yoga mat, or painting kit.

Arts and Letters

If you can’t get outdoors, or just do not have natural options, consider the calming atmosphere of a nearby art museum or a library. Gazing at a beautiful work of art, or getting lost in the hushed stacks of old books can soothe away stress. Many museums and libraries have fountains that provide a pleasant place to sit and relax. Perhaps a cathedral or quiet chapel with inspirational stained glass motifs will help restore the soul.

You can bring balance to your life without going too far from home. Take time today to grab a moment of peace. 

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