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A new flat or house is a blank canvas. It’s the perfect opportunity to do away with bad, old habits and start afresh, keeping your life uncluttered, streamlined and properly organised. Moreover, it’s a chance that may never occur again, especially if you’re planning on staying put indefinitely. So, to make sure you take full advantage of the situation, arm yourself with the right bits and pieces for getting and staying organised. It doesn’t have to be a dull slog – in fact, done correctly; it will ensure you never have to waste hours looking for a document or possession. There is an annoying expression: ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. Who can live up to such a standard? Well, you can. And you will.

Masking tape: few organising ventures don’t require masking tape. A decent, strong tape will also peel off without leaving marks. You can use it for labelling and also for sealing and mending.

Baskets: wicker storage baskets are a great option for bathroom toiletries, magazines in the sitting room or bedroom, and spice jars in the kitchen. And that’s just for starters. These versatile little (or large) things are an absolute Godsend in every room.

Post-it Notes: Ideal for temporary labelling but also the kind of quick notes you need to make when you don’t have the time or wherewithal to create a computer or Smartphone note.

Synching technology: Although post-it notes are great for taking down quick notes as and when they occur to you, nothing beats being able to write notes and to-do lists on your phone which immediately sync to your computer and tablet. Nothing is more confusing than having one to-do list on one piece of tech (e.g. your phone) and a completely different one on your computer. Set up synching today if you haven’t already.

Notebook and pen: Even after all the technological advances of the last few decades; nothing beats a decent, attractively-bound notebook. Limit yourself to one or they turn from a help into a hazard. Like post-it notes, they’re great for spontaneous thoughts or memos.

Scanners: Do you have to retain physical hard copies of everything? No. Have occasional scanning sessions and then throw away the paper (into your recycling bin, naturally). Save your scans in Dropbox or Skydrive (or similar) to keep them safe, and also back up to an external hard drive so nothing is at risk of loss.

Shredders: These can come in very useful, especially if you’ve followed the scanning tip above. News reports can be rather scaremongering when it comes to identity theft, but it does happen and there’s no good reason to make yourself unnecessarily vulnerable to it.

Plastic boxes: grab a few of these and go for shoebox size and shape. They’re great for de-cluttering, you can label them and put them away out of sight or on shelves.

So…the unpacking is over and your moving company London has been and gone. Follow some of the above suggestions and life will seem less overwhelming. There are plenty of other organisation tools out there – drawer dividers, label makers, magazine files, freezer and food labels – and your moving company London should be able to advise you about even more of them.

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