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Babydoll dresses are a fashion statement, whether you wear it as a lingerie or out as a casual attire. It may sound weird having to wear outside the comfort of your own bedroom, but a lot of women have found it to be comfortable and fashionable enough for day wear. Discover how perfect they are as a casual outfit and as a lingerie and know how to properly wear them.

baby doll dress

baby doll dress

Babydoll dress for the bedroom
If you’re looking for a babydoll dress fit for the bedroom, you will observe that it has a bra -like top with a loose-fitting bodice. It can sometimes have a plunging neckline and sleeves or straps for support. The material is usually sheer for added sex appeal and often times sold with a matching panty, being short as it is. It is flattering on all figures, exuding a touch of class yet erotic appeal.

Babydoll dress as casual daywear
The style is very similar to that of a babydoll lingerie. The only difference is the material which is not too sheer and ideal for outside wear. The wearing of this kind of clothing dates back to the Regency and Renaissance era. The outfit expresses a youthful and carefree appearance, far from the conservative stuffy dresses the women used to wear. Babydoll dresses of today are bust-lifting, figure accentuating ones ideal for casual wear. 

How to wear babydoll dresses

1. Pair it with leggings
This ensemble will make you look a bit more mature and sometimes pregnant, but this combination works. It may take you away from looking too young for wearing a babydoll if you wear it with such material.

2. Choose a decent length
Too short babydoll dresses are often worn by kids and not by adults. So, make sure the length skims just above the knee, just long enough that you won’t be mistaken for a toddler.

3. Choose appropriate footwear
Your babydoll dress can be worn with high heels, boots or flats. You make the choice on what you think you feel comfortable in. Either of these choices are guaranteed to make you look sweet, stylish and classy.

4. Pair with the right jeans
The right pair of jeans can make all the difference. Most commonly paired with skinny jeans that mimics the look of wearing them with leggings. Jeans are usually the choice for a more laid-back look.

Types of Babydoll dresses:

1. 2-pc Seduce slip satin babydoll sleepwear in black
This piece is made of sheer lace and satin, perfect for sleepwear. It looks very sexy too even without revealing too much skin. It’s backless and the crisscross back straps are adjustable for easy comfort. This sleepwear would look elegant on anyone.

2. Seduce you babydoll set
The set includes the transparent babydoll and a matching thong. So named because it really does look seductive yet comfortable for sleeping too.

3. Sheer mesh stripe babydoll
It has lace details, stripes design that reveals some skin in between and adjustable straps for comfort. The set also includes a garter to hold the babydoll in place and it just looks really good when worn.

4. Alice halter babydoll black
It’s a delicate piece of lingerie perfect for wedding nights when the bride wants to look virginal but seductive. It has an open back, with neck closure and a matching V-string to make you appear alluring.

The babydoll dress has been a popular outfit choice since then. But it has now evolved more in style, these dresses are just so versatile. You can wear it casually out to lunch or a date if you want to and it doubles up as a lingerie for nightwear too. Many designs are available to choose from, just select what you think will make you feel comfortable yet still be in style. 

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