Green Additions: Eco-Friendly, Energy Conserving Renovations for Any Home

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Green Additions for homeBuying a home can give you a sense of pride and achievement. Unfortunately, keeping up with the costs of home ownership can really sour a sweet thing. To save money on your monthly utility bills, consider going green with eco-friendly additions to your home. With earth's natural resources dwindling away at breakneck speeds, there's really no reason not to. Here are a few ways to cut your spending and save the planet while maintaining a great living standard.

Replace All Light Bulbs With CFLs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, are extremely economical and will surely have your pockets feeling fuller at the end of each year. Not only do CFLs use 75 percent less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs, they also have a lifetime that's nearly six times longer.

Another big selling point of the CFL is safety. These bulbs produce a small fraction of the heat that incandescent bulbs do. This means that they are safe, with a much lower probability of catching nearby objects on fire. Compared to the standard light bulb, the CFL superior in every respect and should be used exclusively in the home.

Switch out All Appliances for Energy-Saving Variants

Most people use a number of household appliances on a daily basis. Everything from the toaster and blender to the microwave and refrigerator sucks up juice when plugged in, even when you are not using it! Throw in entertainment electronics like TVs, DVD players, karaoke machines and video game systems, and you have a much bigger bill to pay.

Since most of us aren't willing to give up all of this technology (it makes life so much easier and fun!), consider replacing every energy-draining device in your home with a more energy-efficient version. Look for special labels on the devices that signify reduced consumption before buying. If you can't afford to make the switch just yet, reduce usage of appliances and unplug them when you aren't using them.

Get New Insulation

One of the biggest contributors to a high utility bill is heating and cooling. During cold winters, people blast the heat to stay warm. Unfortunately, much of that heat escapes through the walls of the home through cracks and unfortified areas.

To make the most of your heat, tear out old insulation and replace it with new, high-quality insulation. This will trap in the heat so that it requires less time and energy to make the house toasty. The same goes for cooling. With AC, cool air will escape if the insulation is shoddy. With new insulation, you can decrease the on-time of central air and still get effective results.

Install Solar Panels

Solar energy is becoming a more popular alternative to electricity for homeowners every day because it is sustainable, renewable and very clean. While the initial costs of installing solar panels on the exterior of the home can be steep, the long-term benefits to the environment and financial savings are significant. Once the solar panels are installed, you will incur no additional costs with use (sunlight is free!). There are no byproducts of sun power, either, so it is a very environmentally-friendly choice.

These energy-saving renovations are just a tiny sample of ways to save money while keeping the planet healthy. When you know that your actions affect billions of others in a positive way, you'll feel so much better about your already lovable home.


This article was contributed by Samantha Greenbaum, earth-friendly gardener and mother of two. If you’re interested in ways to conserve energy, Samantha recommends new roofing from Denver to help stop air leaks and lower your bills. 

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