Gym? Office? Transforming Your College Student’s Room

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Gym- Office- Transforming Your College Students Room

Is your child off to that great adventure known as college for the next four years? If you find yourself with the prospect of more space in your home, you might as well use it wisely. Think about what will provide you with practical use and enjoyment, organize your ideas, and get started on your renovation. You can keep it simple or become involved in an extreme make-over. It will all depend on your resources and your needs.

Getting Started: Clearing the Area

The first thing you need to do is clear out all of your child's belongings so that you know exactly how much space you have to work with. There's no sense of trying to work around excess, unnecessary furniture. If you do not have room in your attic or basement, consider self storage, such as Corona CA self storage or Albuquerque Extra Space Storage. Pack everything in an orderly fashion, don't forget to label all boxes, and ship them off. They'll be protected, out of your way, and waiting for your college-aged child when the long haul of education is over. Now you can get cracking on your transformation.

Consider Your Options

What will make the best use of this room for you? Are you tired of paying for a gym membership for you and your spouse? Are you frustrated because you have no room for your elliptical and treadmill? A home gym could be the answer, especially if you've already invested in some equipment. You can always supplement your exercise machines by taking a look at clearance sections in the department store, promotions, and online. Bring in shelving for towels and put up that flat screen television for exercise programs. Add a mini refrigerator to have drinks on hand. If a bathroom is connected, even better. You'll be able to hit the shower. Have a stereo system for musical accompaniment. It will be hard to make excuses when the gym is down the hall.

How About an Office?

If a fitness room doesn't interest you, consider having a home office. You can have bookshelves, a filing cabinet, and an ergonomically-correct desk as new additions for the room. You will have a great place where you can think to enjoy some peace and quiet. If you're thinking about a home business, this could be your opportunity to create your ideal headquarters.

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