Holidays in Europe

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Holidays in Europe Considering a holiday in Europe, but not sure where to go. Use this guide to help you to make your decision. * UK holidays: Wales and the Brecon Beacons, Scotland and its Loch, Yorkshire and its moors, Cornwall and its sandy beaches, the list of beautiful places to go on holiday in the UK is endless. Holidaying in the UK is the cheapest option to going on holiday, furthermore, you will be within your comfort zone, you don’t need to worry about injections or passports and you can even take your pets with you. There is a range of different holiday types available to you, and as a result this is an ideal family holiday location. *

Spain: Spain has a lot to offer as a holiday destination, and it has always been a favourite amongst the British.

It has beautiful beaches which are usually within walking distance of holiday resorts, which make Spain an ideal family or beach holiday, furthermore, the hotel in Spain usually offer excellent children’s entertainment, fun and games throughout the day to keep the kids entertained. There are also livelier places like Ibiza, which are ideal for people who like a busy nightlife and enjoy the clubbing scene.



France offers a good choice of holidays, you can go to Paris for a romantic weekend for two or to soak up the culture, you could stay in a golfing or wine tasting holiday resport, you could go on a skiing holiday in the French Alps, and you can even go on a family holiday to Disney Land Paris. France is the easiest of the European countries to get too. 






As with France, Italy offers a variety of different holidays, if you are looking for culture, you could go to Venice and look at art or Pompeii to see the buried city. For a family or beach holiday you could go to the south of Italy, or to see volcanos consider going to Sicily and having a look at Mount Etna. For a romantic get-away take your loved one for a ride on a gondola in Venice.




Switzerland *Switzerland: is a beautiful country with stunning scenery. Ideal for an active holiday in Switzerland you can go windsurfing or glacier hiking, try your hand at Alpine golf, or for something a little more low key explore medieval towns and architecture. * Croatia: Croatia is becoming a popular holiday resort for beach and family holidays, it is affordable but has beautiful beaches. Furthermore it has some lovely hotels which make Croatia and excellent couples holiday.




Greece: another destination that is an all-rounder, Greece has gorgeous beaches and excellent hotels making them the ideal beach and/or family holiday, further to this Greece has ancient ruins for a bit of culture, water sports for some adventure and an a busy and vibrant nightlife for some action.

Malta: Malta doesn’t have as many sandy beaches as some of the European countries do, but it does have cliffs and caves, clear seas and prehistoric temples. Turkey

Turkey: ancient roman ruins can be found in Turkey, along with a busy nightlife and an abundance of sandy beaches and sunny days. Turkey is a relatively cheap country to eat, drink and shop in and is quickly becoming one of the more popular destinations to go to.

Cyprus: Cyprus has a number of gorgeous beaches, some beaches are completely deserted, most will be filled with bars and lots of people. Cyprus has some interesting and Byzantine architecture and it basked in culture and tradition. Lisa Thomas February 13

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