How Do ECigarettes Improve Quality of Life in Smokers?

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ECigarettesECigarettes are more than just an alternative to smoking real tobacco cigarettes. They represent the opportunity for a smoker to dramatically improve his or her quality of life. Here are just some of the life improving benefits of electronic cigarettes.

Improved Overall Health

Obviously, an individual who makes the switch from real tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes will experience improved quality of life due to the reduction of negative health impacts associated with the inhalation of tobacco smoke. ECigarettes can improve breathing quality, reduce the negative effects on the heart, and even reduce the likelihood of developing cancer over time. The physical health effects associated with switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes is one of the most apparent life improvements.

Better Relationships with Loved Ones

Often, smokers experience improved relationships with loved ones, friends, and family members when they make the decision to switch to ECigarettes. Because loved ones care about the health and longevity of the smokers in their lives, they often react with frustration, hurt, or anger when a smoker simply cannot kick this destructive habit. The destruction of relationships in a smoker's life is often harder to deal with than the destruction of a smoker's health. ECigarettes are safer and healthier, and friends and family members will be overjoyed with the decision to improve overall health levels and reduce the negative effects of a life of smoking.

Fewer Negative Reactions in Public or With Strangers

Another way the use of ECigarettes improves the lives of smokers is a reduced occurrence of problems in public places or with strangers. Nonsmokers often react quite aggressively to the presence of smokers in their midst. Smokers may be subjected to prejudice or even abuse from nonsmokers. Because nonsmokers aggressively guard their right to breathe healthy air, they may be outspoken and even cruel in their treatment of smokers. With ECigarettes, smokers don't have to worry about dealing with these negative reactions. They don't have to change their behavior or choose restaurants and public venues based on the accommodations given to smokers. They are able to live their lives freely without fear of abuse or prejudice from strangers

These are just a few of the benefits afforded to smokers who decide to make the switch from real tobacco cigarettes to ECigarettes. With all of these incredible life quality improvements, it's no wonder that so many smokers are making the adjustment in their lives.


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