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A  Family with Caring mom, Loving dad and a beautiful girl baby. Kid is of 3 year old, she is doing her pre-schooling. A kid in family itself a happiest thing in life, also a smile of a kid will bring smile in whole family. Let’s see the happy moments.Smile

She is learning rhymes, teaching her rhymes will make her mom happy, listening her rhymes will make her dad happy. The kid will act as a teacher to her grandparents, and they too will fill with smile.

She is fond of wearing ornaments, which makes her happy, making her dressed up will make her mom happy, buying her all the things will make her dad happy. She thinks herself as princess while wearing new garments. Of course she is the princess for their parents.

She is playing with her neighbors, there each kid brings their own play tools and all are sharing their things. Each plays different role and entertain themselves, which makes everyone happy.

 She is using gadgets for listening music and rhymes, but her smile makes her dad richer than ever.

She is taking care of her grandparents, and feeding them lovingly, this shows a responsible behavior, this makes her parents to feel proud on her.

While playing, she is imitating each and every person in her family and she narrates story on her own, its meaningless but which creates a laughing environment.

She sleeps in tired by holding her parents.

She is the best of all for their parents..

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