How to Clean the Air When You Have Moved to a House Smelling of Cigarette Smoke

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So, now you are so excited, because you are going to a new house or apartment for which you have dreamed for so long now. It is perfect and you can not wait to go there and make it your home. Be prepared that with the time many small things can disappoint you and you have to be ready to manage with each of them. This will not make the deal for the house bad, but will spoil your joy for short. Do not give up, because you do not have to suffer for small things, after all there is solution for every problem. fresh smell in the new house

What you may not have noticed during the visits and the negotiating for the house is the smell of cigarette smoke. No matter if you are smoker or non-smoker, this will be very unpleasant fact about your new place. You should not feel sad, because with few efforts you can easily remove the smell and make the atmosphere inside the house very nice and pleasant for living.

If you have moved to the new place in a warm part of the year like the spring or the summer, you have to leave the doors and the windows open for as long as it is possible during the day or during the process of the cleaning. When it is not so warm outside, refresh the air several times a day and combine this with string air purifier, which is strongly recommended to buy, because you will not get any good results without one.

nice home The cigarette smoke has this quality to get sucked into the fabrics and the walls of a room. So you have to make one essential cleaning of the walls and the ceiling of the place to get rid of the nasty smell. The best detergents for this job should contain glycol and ammonia, because they are most efficient in this situation.

You should hire a cleaning company or go to the car wash and carefully wash all the rugs and carpets in the house, in case you will be using the old ones or you are a renter and you can not change them for new. Do the same with the drapes and the curtains, this will be a lot easier, because they can be put inside the washing machine. Clean or wash everything else in the house, which is covered with or made of fabric.

Pay special attention to the windows and especially to their frames. The vinegar will do miracles with that. Use special detergents for the glass parts and do not forget to combine every cleaning with the windows opening and the work of the air purifier. When you do that you will have new freshly smelling house, which will only bring you joy. Article written for West Kensington W14 movers

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