How to Dress to a Music Festival

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2Going to a music festival is not for everyone; some people just cannot do without personal space, not to mention instant access to personal hygiene facilities like a clean toilet and a shower, or a comfortable bed.  For those that do love attending music festivals, they have a number of decisions to make each year before travelling to the venue. By far the biggest one of these, considering they might have a car full of five people, a tent, and not much more space, is how to dress.

The Idea

There are a few ways you can approach dressing for a festival. The first and simplest is just to put on an outfit and resolve to wear it for all three days or for however long you are there for. You can often get away with this if you have one of those quirky festival washing machines that you power with your foot; if you don’t have one, get everyone you’re travelling with to chip-in and buy one between you.

Another option is to wear as much as you can to travel to the festival site; when you have arrived and erected the tent you simply remove your excess clothes and leave them in there. This is not an overly scientific or clever thing to do, admittedly, but it is effective.

The final option you might consider is buying cheap clothes or wearing old clothes that you can just discard and leave there; just make sure you don’t leave too much mess behind!

What about specific garments?


If you are a girl, the shorter your shorts are, the better. It is much easier to remove mud from your skin than from denim or linen, especially if you embrace the festival fully and allow rain to double as your source of hygiene.

For a guy, it is basically about how comfortable you are wearing shorts; tailored shorts that finish above the knee are your best option.

Your Hat

If you go to a festival without a hat, then you are fully responsible for what happens as a direct consequence of this. Your hat will not only stop you from getting sunburned – or perhaps even wet, depending on the type of hat and how big it is – but it can also help keep your hair organized and ensure you have to do very little in the way of maintenance.


Do we really need to say anything more here? This is an area where you might consider buying a cheap pair so you can leave them behind afterwards, and you should also ensure you have a pair of trainers to wear on the way home.


As ridiculous as they might look, onesies are all the rage and being worn by increasing numbers of people, not just at festivals but in day to day life. If the weather forecast is favourable, then a onesies can be a great thing to wear to a festival as you can just keep it on the whole time you’re there.

Author Bio: Jack loves attending music festivals but his real passion is for global style. He has a particular interest in Muslim clothing and how religious and cultural factors come into play in this sector, and he also enjoys researching how movements like hip-hop have influenced fashion around the world.


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