How to Sell Your Collectables?

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13414200381827_319_mainThere are many items which are considered collectables, from postage stamps to comic books. Many people really enjoy collecting things like this and it is a satisfying hobby for people. However, for various reasons, sometimes people want to sell their collections and it can be hard to know how best to go about this; how to get the right price for your items and how to find the people who may be interested in buying your items. The following guidelines should help collectors in selling their collections.

Know your market

If you collect something like comic books then the chances are it will easier to find people online or at conventions who are interested in the area and who also collect the same thing. If you collect something slightly more obscure such as antique typewriters, it might be more difficult to find a target audience. The internet is always a great place to start in getting to know your market. Use a search engine to find forums or websites dedicated to the collectors of your item. Search for collector conventions and specific conventions relating to your item, such as comic book conventions.

Know how much your items are worth

stamp collectionFind an appraiser either online or in your area to tell you how much they think your item is worth. Search for other similar items for sale online and see how much they are selling for. However, be aware that with most collectables, the items are only worth as much as people are willing to pay for them. If someone is very interested in coins and they collect them, that person will probably be willing to pay something close to what the price guide says. Basically, be aware of price guides (which can be found online or in books) but don't rely on them for your selling price. With collectables, it's going to vary. Be aware that you could get more money for the entire collection if you sell each item individually, rather than selling the entire collection together.


Look for places to sell

coin collectionAn auction can be a great place to sell valuable collectable items. Use an online auction or find one in your area. This will allow interested parties to bid on your item and you will hopefully get the best price for them in the end. The price you get for your items will also depend on supply and demand. For example you are likely to get more money for rare or older items than newer and more available things. Alternatively, you could find a market that specialises in selling collectables and go there. Don’t go for the obvious internet selling sites unless you are prepared to take whatever prices you are given, you will get a large audience but it may come at a price and always put a reserve on the items just in case you are bound by a price you would never part with your collection for.

Finally, remember when selling your collectables to be patient and 'shop around' for the best buyer and best price.

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