How to Wear Women’s Shoes with Jeans

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Free-Shipping-Jeans-Womens-Skinny-Jeans-Ladies-Soft-Straight-Long-Pants-Narrow-Leg-Opening-Trousers-WJ2202When a woman thinks about going shopping for jeans, you might notice a disturbed or angered look on her face. Yeah, shopping for jeans is that much of a hassle. In fact, I can’t think of a single woman on planet earth who could possibly enjoy the experience of finding jeans. But when all is said and done, and you’ve got a cute pair of jeans hanging in your closet, it is well worth the battle. When the time finally comes for you to wear these new little numbers, you need to make sure you stay in style. After all, you bought the most fashionable jeans on the market, so why not pair up these stylish pieces with equally hot shoes? Make sure you’ve got not only stylin’ shoes, but the right shoes for your pair of jeans, too. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Skinny Jean Match-Ups

            It’s the year 2013. And if you hadn’t heard, skinny jeans continue to be all the rage this year. If you can find a pair of skinny jeans that fit and you can actually enjoy wearing in public, a big round of applause for you. Not only did you find skinny jeans that suit your frame, but work the fashion industry as well. However, if you decide to wear these jeans outside and you’re wearing the wrong shoes, you can kiss your fashionable look goodbye. To refrain from this fashion mishap, make sure you’ve got one of these trendy styles on your feet: flats (all types), thong sandals, slender sneakers that contour to the foot well, stilettos, pumps, and boots. Make sure that you tuck your jeans (ankle boots, heeled boots, UGGs, etc) into your boots. (Could you imagine trying to tuck boots inside of your jeans? Talk about being late for your meet-up!)

Flared Fix-ups

            Goodbye seventies, hello two-thousands! While flared jeans might of been at the height of popularity in the seventies, they continue to be just as stylish- if not more- in this day and age. Flared jeans are preferred by many women as they contour to the female form better than other jeans and have a cute “flared” bottom that looks good with a lot of different shoe styles. Try some of these adorable shoes with your flared jeans: high heels, high heeled boots, platform shoes, chunky heeled shoes or boots, sneakers, wedges.

Bootcut Jeans

            Bootcut are the ‘in-between’ jeans. They don’t have an incredibly skinny bottom like the skinny jeans, but they aren’t wide like flared jeans, either. For this particular pair of jeans, try some of these shoe favorites: flats, ankle boots, high heeled boots, and sneakers.

            Where can you buy these hot styles? Well, there’s tons of places, so no worries- it’s a lot easier to find shoes for your jeans then you might think. For instance, you might check out Famous Footwear and take along some coupons for special deals. If you like to shop online, don’t forget to check out Famous Footwear shoes coupons to use at checkout.


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