In Home Prepare Your Own Herbal Hair Oil For dandruff & strong hair

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Most of us are really like to have long, healthy, thick and dark hair. Instead of using branded hair oil, the hair oil which is prepared at home is really good for our hair. usually in our home we don't prepare hair oil, but my aunt always prepares it and she used to give me. That hair oil is really helps for my hair growth. at first i had very thin hair and also had hair fall. after using this oil my hair looks thick and I dont have any hair fall problems now.

If any of you preparing home made hair oil, share your preparation method here. it will helpful for our friends.

Make Your Own Herbal Hair Oil (For dandruff & strong hair)

  • Take a bunch of mehendi leaves along with amla pieces (either fresh or dried ones which have been soaked overnight).

  • Grind these coarsely together.

  • Now take about 150 ml of coconut oil in a cooking vessel (kadai) and add the paste to it.

  • Simmer on low flame till all moisture evaporates.

  • Cool and strain use regularly.

  • Keeps dandruff away and also makes hair roots strong.


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