Island Hopping in the Caribbean

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caribbean-islandEveryone will have heard of the Caribbean and many may have already taken a holiday there or have one planned for the future. The Caribbean is made up of over 7000 islands, many of which are uninhabited, and spans an area of 2500 miles in length and 160 miles in width. The problem with the Caribbean is that every inhabited island has something different to offer and by limiting yourselves to just one when taking a holiday there, you will miss some of the spectacular sights. The best way to see a little more of what this island group has to offer is to do a little island hopping. 

Do Your Research

Because of the sheer number of islands you will need to spend some time researching them so that you can make a short list of the ones that interest you and that you want to visit. There are many websites that offer comprehensive guides on the different islands and allow you to read reviews of people who have been there. Another great idea is to join one of the many forums devoted to the Caribbean or as in Denmark we refer to this destination – Caribien, where you will be able to chat online to people and get their recommendations and find out about any hidden gems that are off the tourist trail.

Plan and Book Ahead

Although it can be great to hop off to another Caribbean island on the spur of the moment, you should have at least an outline of an itinerary and make certain bookings before you travel. Consider the time that you will be able to spend on each island. If you have plenty of time then contacting the airlines that service this area could be a good move. They often have deals whereby you can book an open ticket that will allow you to jump on any of their planes as long as there is a free seat (and there almost always is). Alternatively they will offer a ticket that covers a specific number of islands for those that are slightly more limited on time.

If you prefer a structured itinerary then contact a tour operator and ask them to build an island hopping package for you. They will be able to sort out any flights, transfers and hotels for each island that you plan to visit, which really takes the stress out of it. Another way to island hop in style is to travel on the cruise liners that tour the Caribbean. You will be able to book a night’s passage to take you onto your next island and experience the luxury of a cruise at the same time. Those who are on a tighter budget will find that the ferries that service the area are reasonably priced and run at regular intervals.


When pre-booking at least some of the hotels that you want to stay in remember to ask about any all inclusive packages that they may have for the number of days that you want to stay there. Also you can book a flight and hotel together (or in Danish book fly og hotel samlet) which can save you extra money. This will mean that you will know the entire cost for your stay before you go and the money you save may enable you to experience a night or two in a luxury resort as a treat.

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