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Explore the Unmasked Beauty of Japan

Japan Travel

Japan Travel

Japan is a typical urbanized country, with a spirit to completely raise above all the catastrophes. Its vibrant community, neon billboards, architecture, cultural pursuits, sky-scrapers, architecture, museums, art galleries, festivals and fairs are sure to win over you.
Never the ones to look towards the West for an idea, Japan’s influence on the world when it comes to pop culture, fashion and technology is immense and all-encompassing. Come lose yourself to this country, and discover its countless tourist attractions with this Japan travel guide.
So, whether it is visiting Japans Mount Fuji or slurping down a bowl of noodles, riding on the Shinkansen bullet train or experiencing the magical temples or exploring the traditional market towns; Japan is sure to intrigue you with its wide range of historical and cultural attractions seasoned with modern and futuristic sights.
Here are a few top tourist destinations in Japan:

Ginza, Tokyo
Ginza characterizes Tokyo and is proclaimed as the hub of Japan’s trade, commerce and technology. It is great to catch a glimpse of Ginza as the night falls, as you can enjoy the spectacle of this electronic center lit entirely with neon billboards. It is the center where Japan’s government administration, the National Diet, the Imperial Palace, and a number of other enormous buildings, which houses different administrative offices of the Emperor of Japan is located.

Himeji Castle
Himeji Castle is the well-known castle in Japan and is among one of the twelve castles Known as the “White Heron Castle”. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was constructed during 1333-1346. The architecture of this castle is breathtaking and is perhaps the reason why it is the most favored location for shooting films. It is located in Himeji, not too far from Osaka; the castle is encircled by towering cheery and pine trees. This breathtaking vista is a must-see especially during the spring time.

A true nature’s paradise with extensive terrain, high ground, peaks, rivers, lakes, sea, and blue skies. Hokkaido is a major island in Japan’s northernmost region. It was developed in a hostile way during the 18th century. This fascinating island is still abounding with natural splendors.

Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain range (3776 meters). This natural wonder and looks best in all seasons and from all viewpoints. Approximately around a quarter million people scale up these mountains every year, more often during the months of July and August. However the best time to view the mountain is during the winter months. This mountain is considered as one of the three holy mountains in Japan, together with Hakusan and Tateyama. This mountain is lined with a collection of shrines bordering the crater. Highly developed hiking facilities are available here, as many people ascend up the mountain.

Located on the southwest of the main island of Honshu, it has a very calm and serene climate. It is overflowing with lush green countryside, inexplicable volcanic formations, and hot springs. Its closeness to Korea and China has influenced its culture greatly. It was also here that the Portuguese first disembarked during the 16th century.

Japanese cuisine
Eating in Japan is an experience which can be enjoyed and cherished for the rest of your lives. Food, of all types and every country is readily available here. Japan too has some of the world’s greatest fare on offer, right from the palate-tickling sensations like the “sashimi” to the filling noodles. Tokyo is especially, called the global capital of finance and business, and is a host to some lip smacking profusion of tastes and textures.

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