Why You Should Keep Your Make-up Bag Clean

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There comes a moment in almost every woman's life when she feels like she has to clean her make-up bag because it's a real mess and it looks terrible. But why wait for this moment to come? Taking good care of your make-up bag is essential, since it's something you use daily. You touch it multiple times every day, often with dirty hands that still have make-up on. And keeping in mind the fact that everything that is inside your make-up bag goes to your skin, is quite disturbing. Imagine all the bacteria that, of course, you can't see but you know they're there. Now imagine all of these bacteria on your face. It's not a pleasant thought, is it? Therefore, cleaning your make-up bag every once in a while is something that every woman should do. Here are some tips on how to effectively clean your make-up bag and maintain it well.

Empty Your Make-Up Bag

The first thing to start with is to empty your make-up bag. Collect all of your make-up and put everything at one place. Wash your bag with hot water and some kind of detergent. It depends on the fabric the bag is made of, so check its label and see if you can put it in the washing machine. If so, that would be the best solution. If not, you can always hand-wash it, which is also a perfect way to get rid of all bacteria and make-up stains. Let it dry completely before filling it up with make up again.

Throw Away

After you've washed your make-up bag, check out all of the make-up items you have. If some things are broken, better throw them away instead of storing useless stuff. Also, there might be things you haven't used for months, which most probably means that you won't ever use them. It's a good idea to get rid of them as well and make space for the rest of the make-up that you actually need. Check if there's something that has expired and if so, immediately throw it away, no matter how much you like that certain product. The health of your skin is much more important. Throw away anything that you don't really need and this will significantly reduce the mess.

Clean Make-Up

When using make-up regularly, it's more than normal for the items themselves to get dirty. Take a bit of time to clean each item separately. You can wash those that close well but be careful because there might be small gaps, where water can go through and damage your make-up. You can also use a damp cloth to clean all of your make-up tools. Don't forget to wash all brushes. They have to be regularly cleaned and in order to be sure that they remain clean longer, use only brushes that have covers. Let them air-dry completely before you put them back in the bag. In order for your make-up tools to remain clean longer, wash your hands each time before you use them. After applying foundation to your face, wash your hands before you touch the rest of your make-up.


Keeping your make-up bag is an important but rather neglected process. To avoid future skin problems and to save nerves on going through a big mess to find what you need, make sure you keep your make-up bag tidy and clean.

Author Bio: Jack Sheamus works a part time job as a cleaner at Ealing cleaning company and studies to be a makeup artist.

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