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mom and boy with cash storyToday health of a child is a major concerns for majority of parents. Childhood period is the right time for a child to develop good healthy habits. One of the most important duties of parents is to encourage a child to lead a healthy life and make them to realize the importance of a healthy body. Parents should always make a positive impact on the health of their children by setting them self an example. If a child grows up eating nutritious food, getting the good amount of sleep, doing lot of exercise, and practicing good hygiene habits, the greater the chance to live a healthy life.

Children who are in poor physical shape and overweight are more likely to suffer from health related ailments. So parents should encourage the children to participate in physical activities and sports.

Here are some guidelines you can follow to keep your children healthy and reduce the occurrence of illnesses:

1. Always keep your children up-to-date on immunizations to minimize the risk of major diseases and illnesses. Make sure they are done on time.

2. To keep immune system healthy the children should have nutritious foods three times a day. Make sure your children eat balanced diet consists of all the food groups to get plenty of vitamins. Always recommend them to eat fruits and vegetables a day, and protein from eggs, lean meat and nuts. Always avoid eating junk food and fast food.

3. Make sure your children getting amount of sleep. Children should necessarily get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night. Their immune system against diseases depends upon the adequate sleep they get. Lack of sleep leads to poor performance in school, short-term memory problems and decreased attention span.

4. Restrict the amount of television your children watch in home. Make sure they get enough time to play. It is important for parents to teach the children to follow good exercise habits from childhood onwards. They need lot of exercise and sunlight. Children should exercise about half an hour a day. Exercise can be jumping rope, rollerblading, bicycling or group activity such as athletic teams or swimming.

5. Make sure your children wash their hands with hand sanitizer after using public restrooms and to use toilet seat covers.

6. Teach good hand-washing habits to children and Inform your children to wash their hands properly with soap and hot water frequently before and after eating the meal. Ask them to follow throughout the day and before every meal.

7. Teach your children not to share drinks or foods with other children and also not to share grooming supplies such as toothbrushes or hair. This type of things will prevent the transfer of lice and germs.

8. Children always love to touch things and this result in picking up and spread a lot of germs. so make sure your children use hand sanitizer to clean the hands after playing shared playground equipment or toys. The shared playground equipments will have harmful bacteria which may cause illnesses to children.

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