How to know if Reva Flats or Tory Burch Bags are fake or not?

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So, it seems that you have been finding someone to spot those fake Tory Burch’s stuff. You will be glad to hear that there are a lot of experts out there who can help you out and share their knowledge so you can find out how to land an original Tory flats or bag.Because they are reasonable and super comfortable, the Reva flats and bag have become super trendy.They have even become the epitome of accessible luxury and the dear darling of counterfeiters as well.Go out to shop Tory Burch bags & flats and you will find thousands of them standing in line with fake stuff.It goes for those Tory bags too! But, opportunely, one can easily spot the fake one out… And here we have those secret tips, which will save you from being forged when shopping for your favorite Tory Burch’s bags and flats.

Let’s start with learning how to spot the Tory Burch Fake Bags!

1. The Leather

  • Yes, fake ones are not made of Leather. They might definitely have used some cheap stuff to make it.In case, they have used leather, it won’t be a good one.
  • The leather won’t be as soft as the real one.
  • A real one would be more flexible.



2. The Logo
Of course, the logo is the next best thing to know if the stuff is real or not. And, when it comes to Tory’s bags this is what you have to check!

  • Big circular cut-out metal logo made of an insubstantial material.
  • Metal cut-out should be perfect, no uneven sides!
  • Stitching and decorations are flawless in the original ones while those fake ones would show some flaws.

3. The Packing
You will see a difference in packing also. Here are some:

  • Tory Bags come with tags and signature, which would surely be missing in those false ones.
  • Keep an eye on the price tag, as it can be an alert for you too!

Then come those false Tory Burch Fake Flats!
Tory Burch’s Reba Ballet Flats are known to be one of the most adorable shoes in the world and the most replicated shoes as well. So, here is how can stay away from getting artificial ones.

You might know a few of the tips already, but here we have some of the unknown or less known ones!

1. Made in Brazil, only in Brazil
            If they give you a pair of flats that shows ‘Made in China’, you must give it back to them. Tory Burch was manufactured in the USA earlier, but now the shoes are made solely in Brazil. So, when buying one, buy only when you see ‘Made in Brazil’ on the shoes.

2. The Box say it all
           It might seem a little tough to spot, but yes, even true Reva box will tell you, if the shoes are authentic or not. The original box is colored in orange and blue print with the logo at the center and measurements of 4×4. If any of these things are missing or printed messy, it’s fake!

3. Even the Reva’s Wrappers Shout Out the Authenticity
           Original Reva are wrapped in a super soft paper, which is actually a tissue. You will see lots of paper stuffed inside the box and shoes to keep up the shape of the flats.There will be some at the bottom to cushion and preserve the shape of the shoes.Remember, there will be no plastic rods stuffed inside. Yes, there will be, but only in those duplicate ones.

As you can see there are a lot of signs to spot a real from a fake and you can go to experts like Spotbags and get the inside scoop before pressing the Buy now button. So, next time you buy your favorite pair of Tory’s flats or that soft leather bag, keep these points in mind and buy the right and genuine stuff for yourself.

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