Look Your Best: Five Ways Your Physical Appearance Can Affect Your Emotional Well-being

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Your physical appearance and health is heavily linked to your emotional well-being. There are steps you can take to feel better about yourself and improve your physical and emotional health. Here are five examples of how your emotional health can suffer due to your physical appearance:


Smiling, whether you want to or not, has been proven to increase your mood and combat depression. However, if you don't feel like your have good teeth, or your smile is unattractive, then you are less likely to laugh and smile as much as someone who is confident with their teeth would. People might even be more intimidated to approach you if it appears you are angry or sad most of the day from not smiling. Consider getting orthodontic care to improve the appearance of your teeth and watch how your life changes. Simple at-home teeth-whitening kits can boost enough confidence to help you feel better about your appearance.


If you see someone who looks beaten down, with their shoulders slumped and their chest pulled in, then the chances are they feel that way. Walking with your shoulders squared back and your chest puffed out demonstrates confidence in a subtle way. Practicing better posture not only helps you feel more confident, it helps ease chronic back pain over time.


People tend to be overly judgmental of those carrying a few extra pounds. Not only can this make you feel self-conscious, it can have a negative impact on your overall health, suggests professionals at the Centric Health Surgical Centre in Sarnia. Simple procedures can help you to shed those last few pounds, not only for your appearance, but for your physical health as well.

Sleep and Stress

5 Ways Your Physical Appearance Can Affect Your Emotional Well-beingLoss of sleep, especially when coupled with stress, can really take a toll on your physical appearance. Dark circles, puffiness and redness in the eyes can make you look extra tired and less approachable. It can also cause you to slouch, or make you want to avoid eye contact with others. Getting at least seven hours of sleep will help you appear more refreshed, and make you feel more confident when talking with others. You will also be more alert and attentive to the conversations you have throughout the day, making you more personable and friendly.


No one likes acne, but most of us have had to deal with it from time to time. For some, unfortunately, it's harder to get rid of than just growing out of it. By cleaning up your face and your appearance, you can greatly improve your self-esteem. Looking people in the eyes conveys confidence and power, but you would be hesitant to do so if you can't stand looking at the pimples on your own face. Consider seeking out a dermatologist if you have chronic acne that you can't seem to get rid of.

Don't let your physical appearance negatively affect your emotion health. Chances are, you are the only who feels there may be a problem. Take steps to make you feel better about your physical health, so you can feel better emotionally as well. 

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