How to Lose Weight While Eating Chocolate and Drinking Wine?

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good glass of wine? Like seriously. You know what majority of the people in the world like as much as wine (the adults at least)? Chocolate. But for those of us that don’t have the thighs and the abs of a supermodel, maybe wine and chocolate are just slowly (and sadly) becoming an occasional treat. But a recent study has shown that the belief that you have to give up chocolate and wine to lose weight is actually a myth. In fact, the study has shown that these food items can actually help you in losing weight. I know you’re pretty excited so read on for more details.

Do you want to know how common dieting really is? A study has shown that a whopping 45 million Americans die every year and the diet industry has earned an impressive $33 million in one year. At least 50% of the women asked in a study conducted were currently dieting at such time they were asked. A lot of people diet to keep and stay healthy as they age but let’s get real, most of us go on a diet for weight loss. The horrible thing though is that a lot of people get sucked into diet myths and even worst, diet fads.

A couple of diet myths I have heard are to stay away from carbohydrates, stay away from any kind of sugar or don’t eat past 6:00 pm as your body metabolizes slower at night. These are all pretty silly but some people, in desperation tend to believe them. I have also noticed the rise of the diet fads. These usually have a set menu that you have to follow strictly or have a strict timetable. I have noticed though that some of these are just a complicated way of crash dieting which I find to be completely unhealthy and may even be detrimental to your welfare.

Before I delve into why having wine and chocolate is not bad for those of us that are living a healthy lifestyle, I want to talk about why these were believed to be no-no’s in the first place. Wine is generally lumped together with other alcoholic beverages which is pretty bad for its reputation. Another thing people think is that since wine is mainly composed of sugar, then it will most likely make you gain weight. On the contrary, a simple online search will reveal that a glass of wine will only cost you around 80 calories. Pretty impressive right? Now about chocolate, it gets a pretty bad name when it comes to its dietary benefits. A lot of people believe that it can make you gain weight or that even small amounts can cause diabetes. While growing up, I was even told to stay off it for fear that it would cause acne.

Now that we have thoroughly discussed how both wine and chocolate get such bad reputations, maybe it’s time to rebut these accusations. Now before we go into a more in-depth discussion of this, I want to manage your expectation. We are not in any way encouraging you to go on a binge or to eat or drink unlimited amounts at a time. It is recommended however that you indulge on chocolate and wine frequently in smaller and healthier doses. A good tip is to eat dark chocolate as these are generally devoid of the milk or sugar found in most processed commercial chocolate.

You may be scratching your head and wondering why in the world would we recommend consuming these regularly? Well, Professor Tim Spector could be partly to blame for this. He teaches Genetic Epidemiology and is the writer of a book called “The Diet Myth: The Real Science Behind What We Eat”. It is pretty safe to say that this guy knows his stuff. He bases his theory on one important factor, microbes found in our body, or specifically, in our gut. He highly recommends consuming food and drinks that could promote or introduce good bacteria in our body. Wine and chocolate actually contain polyphenols, specifically flavonoids, which are antioxidants that can be eaten by the microbes found in our system. Polyphenols also encourage microbes to reproduce. Although you can also find these in nuts and olives, studies have shown that cocoa has the highest concentration of this stuff.

So if somebody guilt trips you into putting down that glass of wine or to put back that last piece of chocolate, then sternly tell them that you’re just happily feeding your microbes. They’ll most likely look at you like you are crazy but just show them this article and maybe they’ll start to believe. Before you know it both of you will be toasting wine glasses and snacking on chocolate together; guilt free might be I add!


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