Lower Your Grocery Bill: Tips of the Savvy Shoppers

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Lower Your Grocery Bill Tips of The Savvy ShoppersPremeditation is your friend when it comes to grocery shopping. Organization and preparedness will lower the cost of this necessary expenditure. Entering the store with a well written plan that is fortified with an iron clad cap on your budget will produce tangible results. The outcome will be savings that can be devoted to other necessities.


Before you leave for the store place the amount you want to spend in an envelope. Leave all other forms of payment, like checks and credit cards, at home. You can not spend what do you not have is the wisdom brought into play here. Going over budget is not possible as the ability to do so is curtailed. Impulse purchasing is blunted by this strategy.

Go Generic

Generic brands routinely provide a similar quality of product at a reduced cost. Significant savings can be felt by not sponsoring a corporate logo. Brand name products typically roll the price of advertising and other overhead into the price you pay. Experimentation will let you know what generic brands can be substituted without the family experiencing a dip in quality. 


Dehydration and canning allow for the storage of foods that can be used year round. The free market theory of supply and demand comes into play here. When the vegetables or fruits are the cheapest is the time you buy in bulk. A small investment in jars or a dehydrator is more than offset by having your favorite foods when you want them at a lower cost. The ability to use these storage foods enables a cost effective foundation for a variety of dishes year round.

Use Coupons

The last suggestion is a staple among savvy shoppers. Coupons have been prevalent for decades. Some people buy the Sunday paper just for the savings of the coupons included. With the evolution of social media, exclusive deals and promotions are twittered about. Feeds that are dedicated to coupons are plentiful. Companies have caught onto this and use Facebook to launch new products and offer promotions on other existing merchandise. 

Organization is the lynch pin that holds a grocery budget together. Limiting the money on hand allows one to escape the grocery store with budget intact. Generic brands offer substantial savings over name brand competitors. Buying some foods well stored foods in bulk such as freeze dried food allow for cost effectiveness all year long. Stacks of coupons lower the cost of groceries at the checkout stand. Employ these tips and any grocery bill will be lower.

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